George Orwell, “What is Science?”

George Orwell, “What is Science?” Linked here is George Orwell’s 1945 essay, “What is Science?” I considered including this as an early essay in this class, but decided to replace it with other things.

Here Orwell distinguishes between “science” as a style of critical thought  and “science” as a set of practices or a body of knowledge about the world. Conscious of the ethical imperative of his time, Orwell emphasizes the importance of the former. rather than the latter, in education. A_Picture_of_a_Southern_Town-_Life_in_Wartime_Reading,_Berkshire,_England,_UK,_1945_D25295This illustrative image is in the public domain, archived on the wikimedia commons:,_Berkshire,_England,_UK,_1945_D25295.jpg


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