Journal Entry

I have decided not to use my smart phone for anything today, and see what happens. I chose to do it today because I didn’t have anything to do until 10, and since I don’t own a regular old alarm clock, I would have to wake up on my own. I stowed my phone away in my closet the night before, and I naturally woke up at about 9:15 the next day. My day was already off to a weird start in that I couldn’t lay in bed and look at twitter, instagram, the weather, or my game in Words with Friends (yes, I still play words with friends). I got up much quicker than I normally do, and hopped in the shower. I usually put my phone in a cup and listen to music, so this was also different. I had to go to the hospital to get observation hours at 10, and as I got dressed, I had to keep walking to the kitchen to check the time. I started walking to the bus stop (without listening to music like I normally do) and since I didn’t have my phone, I couldn’t check the OSU app to see where the bus was. Luckily I only had to wait for a few minutes, and even the bus ride felt so atypical. I sat in silence as everyone around me flipped through their phones. After I was done at the hospital, I again had to catch the bus, and this time it took forever. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that it had stopped running and it was so hard not to be able to just pull out my phone and check where it was. It finally came and when I got home I decided to make some pasta. Even this was complicated because I had to keep an eye on the clock instead of telling Siri to set a timer for 8 minutes.

This weekend is 4th of July weekend and was going to go home to see my family. I made plans to drive one of my friends home, however I hadn’t told her a set time we were leaving. This was super annoying because I had to walk three blocks to her apartment and ask when she wanted to leave, which took about 20 minutes. If I had my phone, I could have just texted her and it would have taken like 5 seconds. At 3, I went to pick her up and we hit the road. I was forced to listen to her iPod full of shitty pop music since I couldn’t plug mine in. Normally, I like to use google maps to get home, even though I know how to get home, because I tend to zone out when I drive and I will occasionally miss my exit. Since I couldn’t do this, I had to pay extra attention the whole time. When I got home, my mom was all upset because she texted me saying she wanted to go to lunch but I got home too late. I realized this was a bad day to not have my phone because there was no way for me to contact any of my friends at home. I decided to wing it and drive over to one of my friends house like in the old days and luckily he was there. He thought it was kind of weird that I just showed up and didn’t text him first. Aside from that, I didn’t really have any problems with not using my phone besides being able to check social media, but I have to say that I didn’t think I would find myself in so many positions where I was frustrated that I didn’t have it. Obviously a lot of the things I normally use it for were unnecessary and could easily be done without it, but there were certain things, like not being able to text my friend what time we were leaving, that were very inefficient. I learned that I probably could go without my phone, but it just makes a lot of things a whole lot easier.



  1. I had the same problems! It is crazy how much we depend on our phones. I felt like my whole day was thrown off because I didn’t have my music to listen to when I went to class! Texting is definitely the best thing about my phone. Meeting up with people was a challenge because texting is how everyone communicates nowadays. The day was not horrible but it makes you realize how much your phone helps out with your everyday communication.

  2. I enjoyed reading your journal entry on our tech-free day. It dramatized the sense that smart phones have entered almost every minute of our day. I could sense your uneasiness to return to the ways “like in the old days,” especially when everyone around you has left those days behind.

  3. Interesting post. You talked about all the little things we use our smartphones for to make life more efficient. Less time is wasted on unnecessary things but at the same time intellectual thought can be wasted on things like flappy-bird. With any distraction we want in our pocket, people are starting to let their mind think less and less.

  4. Great post I felt the same way not being able to know what my schedule was gonna be. Also not being able to text and having plans you can’t confirm with your friend. But also a big downside is not having music on the go which I also use all the time. I couldn’t be phone less either for more than a day since my world depends on it as long as I want to progress in the world.

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