This opportunity to not use technology for a day was actually somewhat refreshing. I felt at times a little lost like there was a piece of myself missing but half way throughout the day I started to get use to it.  About a year ago, I lost my phone and was too stubborn and poor to buy another one so I actually did not have a phone for a whole entire month. I hated the idea that I would have to pay 300 dollars for another smart phone. I understand that some might say I should just buy a flip phone or another phone like that but it’s the fact that the iphone has all my important dates, contacts, and e-mails. I would only be able to access these things if I bought another iphone. So I simply saved up all the money that I could to buy another iphone. I ended up buying the simplest iphone3gs and I have had this 8-year-old phone for about a year and it is still working.

I decided to pick up a New York Times because I am so use to reading media off of the internet. There is definitely more of a personal experience from reading print media. I believe this will be something I focus on for my final paper.


While I definitely could not do that again because of job searching and the chance of an employer giving me a call, I did learn a lot from that experience.  The hardest thing about not having a phone is communication. If I wanted to get in touch with my friends it proved rather difficult. I would have to use facebook or twitter which they all barely use.  That is just speaking to my friends; if I wanted to get a hold of my parents I would have to borrow my roommates phone because they do not have facebook. It is somewhat crazy how attached we are to our phones. So, end of story I probably would not do it again but it did feel refreshing to not have anything to worry about, emails, tweets, calls, and texts.



  1. Interesting thoughts and yes I agree apple iPhones are the best and are for sure worth the wait. And I agree I also gave up my iPhone and felt very “lost” by not knowing the weather, news, and other important data which I have to know at all times. I also will not stop using my phone as it is a very important aspect of life.

  2. Not having my phone with me make me feel uncomfortable. I read novel online and I listen to my favorite musics on my phone. Without them, I feel like there is something missing while getting through the day. And I believe that the others are just like me, feeling that phones are indispensable electronic device in our life.

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