Final paper 1

For my final paper I am going to test the idea of technogensis to illustrate that the human species is not directly defined by technology. I am going to focus one half of my paper on a personal story about one of my best friends and teammates. Last August my friend’s boyfriend passed away in a car accident the night before my soccer team was supposed to report to school for preseason. He was at a party and for the first time ever he got behind the wheel of the car under the influence. He drove down the block and crashed into a tree. Everyone at the party, including my friend, heard the crash. Right after it happened people drove down to see it, my friend saw her boyfriend’s car smashed in. When the police finally arrived he was announced dead. The next day some of my team and I went to a visual for him and we saw our friend. Seeing her is something I will never forget because I have never seen someone experience that much pain and trauma.
It has been almost a year since the accident and my friend is happy. I talked to her many times about her boyfriend at different stages of her mourning. The first few months it was difficult to get her to talk about it and she would really only talk about him alive, not how she felt about his death. After the first few months she was able to talk more openly about his death and one of the most interesting things she told me was how she does not remember the whole night of the accident. According to psychologist Sigmund Freud this is known as repression. When talking to my friend she told me how she remembers driving to see the accident, but once she saw the car she does not remember anything else. Seeing her boyfriend in the car was too traumatizing for her, so as a defense mechanism, she pushed this event into her unconscious mind. I remember a specific conversation I had with her on spring break; it was the first time she admitted to not remembering a majority of the first semester and our soccer season. She was in so much pain during those few months that her brain does not want her to remember them. I took psychology in high school and it is one of my favorite topics. When we discussed the topic of repression and whether or not it is true I was definitely skeptical. After speaking with my friend many times I now know I was only skeptical because I had never known anyone who experienced it.
In addition, our discussion of spirits last week closely relates to my friend’s story. She and my other friend on the team have had encounters with him in the past year. My other friend was at her house the night of the accident and strongly believes that she has a connection to her boyfriend. Both of my friends have spoken to him in a dream and my one friend has seen her boyfriend around campus. Also, there have been many events that have happened in which my friends and I agree are a result of his spirit. For example, a group of us were driving to the mall and the driver did not see an oncoming car when she made a left turn on a three lane highway; we all braced for impact, I had my head down in between my legs screaming, when all of a sudden it felt like we had an extra boost that got us to safety. We all agreed that it was her boyfriend who saved us.



  1. Firstly, I am sorry for your loss. I know how it goes, I lost a great friend to a heart failure on his 18th birthday.

    Though I am often skeptical of things that are often regarded as nonsense, (Bigfoot, ghosts, spiritual encounters etc.), I too have had such encounters. My neighbor’s grandmother (who had lived with them for 14 years) passed away many years ago. At about 13 years old, I hit my head while swimming in his pool while he was inside, and everything went black. I felt my lungs be forced full of air and when I woke up, I was on the pool deck looking at the sky with nobody around me. I had no idea how I had gotten there, and my neighbor who was 10 at the time insists he didn’t pull me out. My only thought was that his grandmother had been there to help me find my way out by myself and cough up the water.

    Psychology has an interesting influence on our beliefs. How a person’s brain operates can directly reflect the things we believe in and the things we pass off as bullshit. I am a “see it to believe it” kind of guy. My buddy can text me that he caught a 20 inch smallmouth bass (very large for this area) and I will simply respond with “pics or it didn’t happen.” I am a self-diagnosed skeptic, but when I took a college psychology course and found where fear comes from, and where we come up with our strange premonitions. Advancements in technology have allowed us to investigate the brain and its mysteries without having to physically perform a lobotomy and risk the patient’s health.

  2. I find your story very fascinating and am interested to see the end result of your final project. My grandmother passed away about two years ago. Since her passing, many of my family members have encountered talking to her in dreams and seeing her at critical moments in their life. I feel that for so many people to experience spirits like these that these spirits can’t all be in peoples’ heads and that these encounters are real. .

  3. Although I do not have any near death experiences, but I feel there might be such a thing called spirit. I don’t have any visionary hallucination, but i do have some dreams came true the other day. I felt it is like a foreshadowing. Or there might be something that is kind close to spirit, the “deja vu”. Even though it is not as mysterious as “spirit”, but deja vu is what I had experienced.

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