Final paper 3

The rest of my paper is going to juxtapose Lone Survivor and my friend’s story. They both dealt with trauma in different ways; my friend repressed memories, while Luttrell was outward with them. Luttrell wanted to get his story out to the public, the good, the bad, and the ugly; while my friend was more reserved with sharing her story, instead she focused on the happy memories of her and her boyfriend by posting pictures on instagram. At first she would post a lot of pictures on instagram as a way to express her feelings and eventually as time passed there were less and less instagrams because she was beginning to cope with her loss. Both Luttrell and my friend used technology to help mourn, but just in different ways.
I believe the major difference between the two stories is the technology used. We do not think of cars as destructive technology, but they can have the same affect as war technology, such as guns and grenades. Going into war a soldier knows that there is always a chance they could not make it out alive, but when someone gets behind the wheel of a car that is not a thought at all. This illustrates that the way we interpret technology is wrong. In “Better Than Fixing Things” the man in the story is an example of a normal, middle class citizen. He moves into a new house in a new neighborhood and gets help moving in his appliances from his neighbor. His neighbor then offers his assistance in the future in case any of the items break. Likewise to any middle class citizen the man says thank you and asks if he can fix things. The neighbor responds, “I have no idea how to fix these things. But I will be happy to show you how to live without them,” (Stoll 175). This shows that once we get comfortable and used to a certain technology, like a car, we start to forget that it even is technology and what it can really do. Cars are technology, but until this class, I would never say that about a car. Cars are destructive, but until the accident, I never thought of them in that way because I never experienced the burden they can cause.
My friend and Luttrell experienced so much trauma, but yet to me they are true heroes because they go against the definition of technogenisis. Even when technology seemed like it took everything from them, they found a way to keep moving on. Luttrell shared his story with the world and my friend showed up to preseason four days later and finished first in our fitness test at six in the morning. If I were in their shoes I do not think I would be able to accomplish everything they have. They are different people now than they were pre trauma, but they did not let the technology ruin and change everything. My friend is still a division one athlete and Canadian national team member and Luttrell is still a Navy Seal. After hearing both of their stories I want to change what it means to be human and add some of their personality traits so we can all be better people.


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