Final Project and Ethics Rant

For my final project, I had the idea that I might investigate the advancement of humans from the first use of tools for hunting, to where we are now with our countless electronic devices and appliances. I plan on utilizing documentaries and articles on the evolution and advancement of humans and run through the history of technologies that pioneered the way for the devices we use today. I will most likely try to relate this back to my major of agriculture and advancements there which allow us to more effectively produce food for the world, and then analyze the potential for human advancement in the future. I think I will try to pick out any areas where we might have gone wrong or gone too far in our technologies, and draw off of that to analyze how we can limit or further ourselves for the betterment of society. There seems to always be a point in time where a controversial advancement comes up. Stem cells, abortion, guns and gun regulation, nuclear warheads, space travel, gender changes and more. At what point does the line where convenience stops and having gone too far begin? I always talk about that line in class. The line. The limit. The border between what is and what is not deemed acceptable. What has exceeded social normality. The social norm is a whole different subject. How do we know what is normal? I feel like the internet and television and social media are a huge influence on what we believe. We so commonly see people BLINDLY follow everything they hear on the news or read on the internet without seeking supporting or conflicting information from other sources, potentially more reliable sources. Bias is a huge issue in all forms of media. People on news networks and newspapers and the internet who are in a position of influence are well aware of this, and anyone who disagrees with that is just another sheep. These people absolutely know that what they say will be passed off as fact by secondary sources and will manipulate the news to feel more powerful. Faith obviously plays a huge part in our beliefs, but for people such as myself who do not participate in religious practices, ethics come in. Personally, I think stem cells have the potential to be a hugely beneficial advancement in the medical field, however I adamantly disagree with the procedure of abortion, just because I think it is wrong. So my views are conflicting. We briefly discussed gun laws and regulations in class, and my views are that guns are good in the hands of law abiding citizens like myself, and taking them away from us will make us more vulnerable to crimes from criminals who clearly don’t follow gun restrictions anyways. But that is because I was raised around guns and influenced by my family and their ethical beliefs. Influence on our beliefs can come from anywhere, technological or otherwise, and can affect who we are as a person. I think social media is a huge influence on what we believe, but can also be a major factor in many social issues, such as being prejudiced against gay marriage, or how people dress, or how our bodies should look. I think the line is becoming more clear, and we do need to break our dependency on such things as social media, and be more in control of our use of it.


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  1. I agree with you that social media is changing the way we feel on social issues. It is easier to agree with a stance if you have see the support of others via social media. Social media sites often campaign for certain issues and many people post and share videos to promote their personal stances on social issues.

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