Online Identity vs. Real Identity

Online Identity vs. Real Identity


When we go online we are entering a new world a almost fantasy world to us humans. We can go online and have the power to show and hide every single aspect of ourselves. We can pick and choose the pictures that people can see. On Facebook you have the option to block specific people from seeing photos you’ve posted.  The question about social media is how honest is it? Is one’s Facebook a true representation of themselves or is it how they want the world to see them. Online and in person are two very different things. In class we spoke about catfish and just how honest people are on the Internet. During class and after I was thinking about how trusting people are on the Internet and how we judge people based on their social media. I thought of how this was relevant to me. I thought of my roommates from freshman year and how I found them.

            Now with Facebook and twitter being popular it has created a way to meet new people for meeting friends, roommates, and people interested in the same things as you before even heading to college. I remember when I figured out that I was going to OU I immediately joined the class of 2016 page and checked out what people were saying and who was looking for roommates. Another social media page I joined was room surf. Room surf was a website that you could post a little bio about yourself and check things that you liked/didn’t like, how motivated you were for school, and bedtimes. It was almost like eHarmony but instead of finding a partner you’re finding a roommate. If you talk to people this is often how they have found their roommate. I would say more than 50 percent of my friends/acquaintances found their roommates including myself. I found 3 girls and they all seemed normal. They claimed they were serious about school, went to bed at reasonable times, and liked to go out but not everyday of the week. I checked out their profiles and they seemed like very nice girls. However I should have known better. Long story short I ended up transferring at the end of the year mainly based on my awful experience with roommates. From then until now I have not been very trusting of the Internet and people’s profiles. There is so much more to a person than the pictures they post or the things they like or advocate.

            Overall I have learned a lot about the Internet and how technology has affected our culture and my generation in my life. I am not saying that social media is evil or that we shouldn’t rely on it. There are plenty of things social media is good for but we must be cautious of believing everything we see on it.


Here is the link for room surf to see what it’s all about!



  1. I think roomsurf is a good idea in theory, but I have heard a lot of stories where the description of the person is not accurate at all. A lot of people tend to post things that they think other people will like to attract a roommate, but these descriptions of their ideal self don’t accurately reflect their personality. I can see how it can be scary to just go random and leave your fate to the gods, but I think it’s the best way to do it.

  2. i completely agree with you on the terms that social media can be used to hide ones true self. everything from the way you look to the thing you like can be hidden or misrepresented online. i have alway found it hard to look for people online because i have no idea what they actually are like in person. some people do a great job of hiding behind there social media profiles to achieve their desired look and personality but until you confront someone face to face you really can’t be sure about anything.

  3. Social media profiles are becoming the new resumes. Employers will now check out your facebook, twitter, and linkdin to see what you are all about. It is able to judge you on your pictures, statuses and what you like. This could be problematic for some partiers who post too many drinking photos!

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