Who would’ve known geese would be the hot topic of yesterday’s discussion? Everyone seemed to have a common feeling about these creatures; geese are evil, and they suck. Geese poop EVERYWHERE (my car is apparently a hot target for this), they can become pretty violent if you enter their territory, and they tend to make homes in traffic-heavy areas. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some people who feel opposite of this (I’ve seen my fair share of geese lovers at the parks). I, however, absolutely hate geese and get annoyed every time I see one. I feel like they’ve taken over and there is nothing I can do about it! I live fairly close to several parks, the closest and biggest one being Sharon Woods, and every time I go for a jog or a walk, it never fails I am surrounded by several geese looking for food or they’re chasing me away from their nests. After years of annoyance, I’ve finally sat down and taken the time to think about why there are so many geese, why they’ve become pests, and if humans are to blame for their annoyance.

When I sat down to think about it, I feel as humans, we can’t necessarily blame the geese for all the annoyance they cause. In my opinion, the geese are using our technologies to their benefit. It’s common to see a goose in an urban area, minding its business and acting natural (most likely destroying properties by leaving feces, tearing up grass, or holding up traffic). Geese like rural-like, grassy areas near water. They are attracted to these areas as they serve several purposes: food, a safe environment for nesting, and shelter. A lot of areas such as parks and golf courses are ideal for geese. There is endless food since the grass will be maintained, water from a man-made lake or pond, and protection from predators, especially in urban areas. But of course, humans and geese will face interaction in these areas as well. Us humans should at least understand two things: geese eat grass and attack when we get too close. These actions are natural and should be expected of geese. We should also accept the fact there is nothing we can really do about controlling the geese. These birds are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918, which makes it illegal to harm a goose in any way without federal permission.

Personally, I think the act is a little outdated, even with the revisions. These birds are taking over more urban areas and it causing a big pain. Ironically enough, there is a family of geese gathered around my neighbor’s man-made pond playing in the water. Of course my neighbor tied to shoo them away and it didn’t work. But like I said earlier, you cannot blame the geese. It’s a “body of water” surrounded by grass, which is close to home for them. Geese just won’t go away!


Also, here is a video I saw a while back that relates to this, I thought it was kind of funny. “Man vs. Canada Goose (ORIGINAL)”





  1. I agree that geese are the absolute worst and I would be okay if they were out of my life completely, but the Federal Migratory Bird Act does make sense. So many people hate them that if it was legal, we could wipe out the species completely, which would disrupt the food chain and ecosystem, leaving unknown consequences.

  2. In my experience, geese are a nuisance. I worked as a lifeguard at a lake where geese lived and every morning the geese would poop so much we would spend hours cleaning. The lake decided this year to remove some of the geese. To do so, they had to be approved through the government to shake the eggs before they hatch. This is the only way the geese will not return to the lake.

  3. as a fellow geese hater i agree with both of your comments on why geese suck, but i would never want to hurt geese. the federal Migratory Bird Act helps protect geese from being hunted for sport or population control for a reason. even though geese may seem to be a daily reminder of everything wrong in the world they also survive a very important role in the environment. they chase way other annoying pest and in my opinion aren’t terrible to look at. i don’t think their should be any change to the law only because once it is changed their will be nothing protecting geese from being over hunted and even reckless murder.

  4. I also agree that geese are an annoyance, but understand that they are an important part in the environment. My house has a pond in the backyard, so we encounter geese daily, which the biggest annoyance for me was being woken up early every morning to loud squawking. My parents were afraid they were going to hatch their eggs in our yard so multiple times a day, my dad would go outside and chase the geese (which ended up in a scenario much like in the youtube video) usually with an umbrella so that he had a shield between himself and the geese- on a positive note, it was funny entertainment for my mom and I!

  5. That video was hilarious. I have never been attacked by a goose but I have encountered them hundreds of times crossing streets like they own the place. The are seriously dumb animals Intelligence wise. there is such a overpopulation of them that the mandate needs to be lifted and the populations should to be thinned. They are not endangered so I do not understand why these animals over all others are so protected. for now I guess we will just have to deal with them.

  6. The perspective of geese are annoying is interesting, even though I have never been attacked by them. It is true that they defecate every where, but it is nothing to them because they never go to “school”, it might be annoying. However, one of the positive side of defecation is that the wastes will become a fertilizer to the grasses, at least helps the grasses to grow. Even though geese attack people but Isn’t that what we would do if someone invade your territory?

  7. I agree these geese have started invading our land and taking over our land. The Migratory Bird Act is saving many geese lives as you may not kill them even if they are chillin in the middle of the road to nap. But it’s important we keep a couple geese around as they do have some positive benefits such as fertilizing grass and plants.

  8. In Pennsylvania, you are allowed to hunt them during a certain season of the year. In Ohio, there is no such provision…sadly.
    They are protected by a 95 year old Federal law that is outdated.

    Heck, till 2003, the US Government was still collecting tax from every American from a telephone line tax that was used back then to pay for the Spanish-American War in 1898.

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