A Day Without My Phone

Like most people, I gave up the use of my cell phone for the retreat day. Going a few hours without my phone wasn’t a big deal for me, especially since I spent most of my day at work where I cannot use my phone. When I came home from work and sat at the park to journal, I thought about how much we depend on our phones and how much they’ve taken over our lives. I use my phone for just about everything. If I need something, Siri and the Internet are at my fingertips! The weekend following the retreat and research days, I spent a lot of time with my aunt and a few of my younger cousins. They were all very wrapped up in their text messages and checking social media every 5-10 minutes. Even my three-year-old cousin engaged in this nonsense by playing with an iPad for two hour before she even said hi to me. Yesterday, I decided to test myself to see if I could possibly go a full day without my phone. I didn’t think I would miss out on much since it was my day off from school and work, and I also figured it would be a perfect time to study for my midterm since my biggest distraction, along with Netflix, is my phone.

Thursday night around 11:45 p.m., I placed my phone in the basement by a container of tide pods to begin my 24 hours without my cell phone. I wash my clothes early Saturday mornings before I go to work, so I figured I could reconnect with my phone when I threw my laundry in the washer. I went to bed that night and I fell asleep right away. Friday morning, I woke up naturally instead of by my phone’s alarm. I woke up around the same time I normally do, 7:30 a.m., but I felt more refreshed and eager to start my day. I finished my morning routine faster than normal, and spent a few hours watching Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right. After watching a little television, I started studying for my exam.

While studying, I fell back asleep and woke up to the house phone ringing and several angry voicemail messages from my mother. Turns out, I forgot about my dentist appointment. I keep track of all my appointments in my phone’s calendar, but since I didn’t have my phone, I didn’t remember. Luckily, my mother rescheduled my appointment for me, but then she lectured me on the importance of answering the phone.

After being “rudely” awakened, I continued studying. I finished studying around 2:00, and decided to do some errands. I cleaned the inside of my car, cleaned a little around the house, went to the grocery store, and took some time to walk around the mall. I returned home around 5:30 to some pretty angry parents. Apparently there were last-minute dinner reservations with some of our extended family members to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. Since I didn’t have my cell phone with me, there was no way for me to know about the reservations, and no way for my parents to get in contact with me. We were able to make it to the restaurant (Joe’s Crab Shack) in time for dinner, and spent the rest of the evening mingling with family. By the time we returned home, it was close to 10:00. I decided to set my alarm clock for the first time in years so I could wake up early enough to wash my clothes. For the rest of the night, I watched Orange is the New Black for several hours before falling asleep.

This morning, I woke up at 8:00 to wash my clothes and reconnect with my phone. When I checked it, I literally had 20 missed calls and a couple missed text messages. Other than that, I really enjoyed being phone free yesterday. It made me realized, I can go without a phone, but it’s useful to have since it is the easiest and fastest way to contact someone.



  1. I had a similar experience when I neglected to use my phone for a day. Overall, I realized that I could live without it, but it definitely made things a lot easier and efficient. Making plans can be very difficult without the use of your phone, which makes me wonder how people did this before cell phones.

  2. just like both of you, i also had a very similar experience. i have become dependent on my phone for a lot of things. i use my phone as an alarm clock, timer and even sometimes (but very nearly) as a cellphone to call people. without my phone i would be lost and confused about everything. i conduct work on my phone and i also mange all of my daily task on it as well. just trying to make it a day was hard enough, i just wonder how people did it for years.

  3. It is amazing how much better you feel without a phone! When I did this I felt so different. It is a nice little break. It is also amazing how productive I am without my cell phone. Without it I focus my efforts into other things and I can accomplish a lot more.

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