Are Humans in Charge?

Humans sure like to think they are in charge. “Being in charge” can be considered being able to eat and survive. Feeling the need to take the dominant role amongst all species on Earth, humans thrive off the sense of power and control over everything that goes on. This especially comes into play when dealing with hierarchy and the food chain. According to humans, humans are the highest on the food chain whether this be because humans have the ability to use weapons (guns) to overpower any other species that is acting out of line in the food chain. Perhaps this is enough evidence to support the fact that yes, humans are in charge.

For a very long time humans have hunted and killed animals for food. This trend seems to have always been and will always be the case. Very rarely is this relationship reciprocated but it has. Every once in a while a zebra may kill a lion. When the species lower on the food chain overcomes the higher species, fear is a likely factor and the lower species was simply acting out of fear, not to hunt the higher species. Humans appear to be more sophisticated than other species, or at least more sophisticated regarding the methods for hunting and killing for food. Elephants are not shooting guns or using a bow and arrow to obtain their food. Based on this sophistication, humans can be considered in charge.

There are more similarities between humans and other species than differences that separate humans from other species.  Species of the same kind are able to communicate to one another, as seen in Blackfish amongst the orcas.  Species are able to build and take advantage of their resources, as seen with birds building nests or beavers building dams.  But other species are not able to melt metal or process and package food into plastic.  Other species can only do so much while the possibilities for humans are far greater and more promising, especially when it comes to survival.  There is not another known species that can do what humans do.

Maybe there is not even a contest between humans and other species. There could be dualism where humans and some other species are both in charge, but in completely separate brackets. Maybe humans cannot even be compared against other species. Humans may be in their own category by themselves with no one or no thing to compete against. From this point of view, it is almost not even fair to debate whether humans are in charge when all that can be compared against humans are animals.

Humans being in charge may happen without human agency. Perhaps humans were just made to rule the world and have dominance over all other species. It may be merely human nature to instill fear in other species. I wonder if, say 500 years from now, how other species will have adapted to humans and if humans are still in charge. It is weird to think about but nothing can be ruled out or impossible.



  1. At certain extend, I agree with you that we are the superior species above the food chain, but however, we are not made to to charge the species kingdom. It is true that we are intelligent and sophisticated for some hunting activities that we are doing, but “being in charge” is just what we assume. In the food chain, being eaten or eat is base on the theory of survival of the fittest by Darwin. We just have the ability to think and exercise what we want.

  2. I am going to disagree with @qiu140 and agree with you because in the whole scheme of things humans have come so far over hundred of thousands of years. Back in the day when humans just became bipedal and started using weapons, the mega-fauna of the world began to go extinct. There is some great correlative evidence that this was because humans went from hunting small game to being able to take down a saber tooth tiger and wooly mammoths. Over time we have just used our intelligence to become “In charge” and not strength, agility or keen senses. we do not need those to be the best. we have the largest brain relative to size of ANY other creature.

    • I think you are misunderstanding something, I think the reason why we assume we are superior is because we are smart, for sure, but we also have another physical body parts that most animals don’t have, which is hands. Our fingers and fingerprints are used to hold things tightly, without hands, are you able to hold a gun? Are you able to attack someone by knife? Are you able to build your own house? No, I don’t think so, unless you are what kids called super hero. Most animals don’t have hands; therefore, they couldn’t protect them self with their hands or arms. Try to picture the scene when dogs get treated badly, are they able to do what we called “self-defense”? I don’t think so. Further more, who is really the dominator on this planet? I think you are just ASSUMING that we are the dominator.

      • Perhaps since we do have hands and are able to build houses, hold guns, etc. we are, by default, in charge. This may be what separates us from other species and gives humans the advantage. Since we are able to perform “self-defense” and other added features that dogs or other animals simply cannot do, we do in fact dominate. This would all make our assumptions true.

  3. Great post, I agree and disagree human are in charge. If it weren’t for technology we would not be the dominant species. If we never created little shives to fight away the animals we would be breakfast. So since our co-evolution with tools which eventually turned into guns which have now turned in missles, splitting atoms, and worst of all biological warfare. Someone should make a blog about weapons cause I feel that’d be a hot topic for this class. And who would be the dominant species if a bunch of little green men in saucers come with the most advanced weapons? They would be exactly like us but just more technology. What do you guys think?

  4. Humans are in charge because we made ourselves in charge. Naturally, we are not at the top of the food chain or in charge of the species kingdom. Our intelligence and technologies that we’ve created got us to the top, not our hunting abilities or our strength. If we were stuck in the wild without any weapons (guns, knives, bow and arrows, etc.) we would be eaten by anything bigger than us. That is the natural process, the bigger eats the smaller.

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