Today I decided to live without my cell phone, watch, and air conditioner. I also decided to take up writing with pen and paper instead of using my computer. The most critical object that had an impact on me was my watch because I lost track of time more often. I also decided to take a rest on my IPhone for a day, which has all my work and schoolwork go through it. Lastly, I decided to give up AC for a night, which was no problem at all since it was a perfect day on July 4th and wasn’t too hot.  I decided to go to the park where I would not need AC since the park was a nice quite place to be. I also did some work at home.

My watch was a very difficult object to be without for the day since I depend on it in order to get me to places on time. I have used it almost everyday since I was a kid in order to always keep track of time. Because I also did not have my phone, I went through most of my day not knowing what time it was which was a big change for me since I’m always early or on time to everything. I did feel the day go past much faster, while getting very little done due to the loss of time. Experiencing these things increased my awareness of their impact on me so it was worth going without a watch for a day. However, I would never give my watch up since being on time is a value of mine as well as many other people.

Without my cell phone, I found it increasingly difficult to contact family/friends and other workers for the day. This showed my dependence on material objects such as my phone.  It seems that the cell phone has become part of me–defining my spatial and temporal boundaries.  The technogenesis of my co-evolution with the cell phone has given me instant access to Internet and social streaming. In todays world almost everyone has a cell phone, which on the surface we have evolved with to increase our life experiences. It has increased our productivity but its net effect could be questioned because the use of cell phones may change us in unexpected ways, effecting new undesirable behavior. As we discussed in “the selfie-syndrome” article, it was interesting how some people may abuse technology and have behavioral issues arrive. I also noticed the difference between talking on the phone versus talking face-to-face since the latter provides opportunties for giving more attention to the person with whom we are talking.

Doing without my cell phone, watch, and AC for a day forced me to try to approach things differently.  For example, I picked up a pen and pencil, which I didn’t normally do. It made me use more technical writing skills instead of easily using the computer. I normally would use the auto-spell check on a computer, but without this I had to struggle more but probably learned better showing how digital vs. manual self-knowledge occurs. Also this could be an example of the article we read talking about the collapse of civilization. Without proper practice of our language, one day it will degrade to a lower form. After using a pen and pencil for a day I will more than likely keep using pens and pencils on a daily basis as they are useful.



  1. I had a similar experience when I went a day without my phone. I basically felt like I was missing out on everything in my life. At the same time, there are many unnecessary things we do with our phones and things that may be detrimental to our in person communication skills.

  2. I kind understand your situation without portable technologies because now a days, almost every teenagers depend on technology. with better technologies, we could possibly do everything easily. Today, we have transportations for traveling, we have phones and computers for communication and entertainments, and we have other appliances for maintaing our comfortable life. If I now imagine a day without appliances and other technologies, I would probably have a difficult time of going through daily activities; therefore, I think I understand your feeling.

  3. I can barely go a day without my phone when I am in the city. I use it for everything. But I mostly use it out of boredom. when i am camping, going without my phone is extremely easy. Mostly because it is turned off and in my backpack. I think everyone should step back from their phones for a little bit every day and go outside to appreciate everything around them more often.

  4. I also had a similar experience. I felt like I was detached from the world. I did not however turn off my AC. I like my home to be especially cold so I don’t think I could have done that. I should probably go more days without my phone though. It is very relaxing to not have to worry about it.

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