Bring back 1996!

Now my final project is about how I digitally represent myself through my music playlists and how I feel I differ from the norm. I am really into indie rock music and have a playlist that I update weekly so I am never bored with the same music. I While listening to this playlist and writing my last blog post, the song “1996” by the Wombats came on. I have really enjoyed this song over the past few years and hopefully you will too. After the first chorus I began to relate the song to this class. It is just recent that I have taken up my own style of music taste. In the past I used to just listen to whatever my brother listened to. After he went off to college, I started to branch out and find my own taste. This brief analysis of this song contains some of my personality. You will have to read my final presentation to find out the rest.

In class we relate how humans interact and innovate technology along with how it affects us socially. This song really delves into how we have changed from 1996 to today and why that era was better for them.Since the artists of this song were children in 1996 they had basic responsibilities and being a kid was just so simple.

.The lyrics tell a good tale of how back in the ’90s there was still war, we were cloning sheep and advancing science, yet as a teen those were neither worries or concerns.  Prank phone calls, girls, and eating candy were some of the few  concern of a teenager in the ’90s. Now a days we are all focused on the technologies and flashy things so we don’t realize people around us. The chorus is “We kiss with one eye on our T.V. set, And the more I give, the less I get, Needing fairground rides just to spark her smile, There’s little here to miss, Bring back 1996”. This is my favorite part of the song because it is very true that we are all glued to technology and that it is increasingly harder to entertain people. Everyone wants shiny and exciting things but why isn’t the company of another person good enough.

This music video is set in a party where everyone is drinking water and wearing scuba suits. My analysis of the setting of this video is that the water is a metaphor for media and that we all need scuba suits aka technology to be submerged in it. At the beginning of the video, everything is boring and people are just sitting around and “submerged” in their technology.Near the end, everyone is in the pool having a good time. The video ends with a TV being thrown into the pool.  The mood at the end of the video is lively and celebratory. Although we are all submerged in our technology it is good to share it with one another. It seems the artists want us to  go back to our teenage ways and not have any care about the world around us while using technology to do so and lets “bring back those teenage kicks”!



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