Handwriting and Technogenisis


In class we spoke about technogenesis it made me think about an article I read in The New York Times about learning to write is no longer being taught in some schools.  The article points out how handwriting is good for the brain. People use computers to type papers and do most assignments. I remember learning how to write in cursive and print in elementary school, we had practice sheets in class and homework to do afterschool.  Computers in the classroom are putting an end to handwriting, people type and text more now.   I know in my years of schooling I have never had to actually handwrite a paper that was something other than a short response to something. I have spoken to people who remember actually handwriting papers that were five or more pages. The thought of that alone give me hand cramp.  Even when I do write now it is in print. The only time I write in cursive is my signature. I much rather type something than to handwrite it.  I have app on my phone that are colorful post-it notes that I use instead of handwriting notes. Recently I was going to a store with my aunt and she asked me to get a piece of paper and a pen for her. I told her to just tell me what she wants and I will make the list on my phone. At that moment I did not realize that I did not even consider writing down the list. The species in our culture is one that has evolved from handwriting everything to typing. Technology has changed the way written communication is done. There are times when I do have to write like going to a doctor’s office there are always forms, and I always print.  I went to a new eye doctor earlier this year and they told me I could print my new patient forms online and bring them in. I did just that but instead of printing them out and writing I downloaded the forms, typed in my information and then printed it out.  I much rather read what someone typed than what they wrote out.  At work I have to read paperwork people fill-out. Some people write horribly illegible you have no idea what they wrote. Sometimes it is even hard to read neat cursive writing because it is so tight and small.  Those are the times I wish the documents were done on a computer. I do not know anyone personally who did not learn how to write as a child. The next step in the evolution of typing is that kids could learn how use a keyboard along with handwriting letters in elementary school.  Hopefully typing does not completely take over being able to handwriting something could be an import factor in communication. On the other hand new technology continues to emerge and out culture embraces it.  More and more things are starting to have voice command feature, so typing on a keyboard could eventually be a thing of the past.


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  1. I personally am a big believer in writing things out by hand. I agree that handwriting is good for the brain. I take all of my class notes by hand, even if the notes are already online. Though it may seem like a waste of paper, it helps me focus in classes, especially lectures, better and also helps me to remember topics more easily when I have written down the notes. I can’t imagine not learning to write and having to type everything- I feel like carpool tunnel syndrome would become a common injury in the hands among all humans!

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