In thinking about the recent discussions on animals like the documentary Black Fish and the book Wild One’s I decided to look around on the Internet. I was looking on National Geographic’s website and found a heart wrenching picture and article about the hunting and killing of dolphins. I decided to do a visual analysis of this photo, so here it is.

         “Killing Dolphins” an article and photo published in the National Geographic magazine, the photo that is used may cut to ones heart and want to reach out. The human eye is often drawn to suffering, and one may attest that if one sees any kind of thing suffering, whether it be an animal or a human, that we feel empathy for them. It is ones natural instinct to want to reach out or learn more about what we can do. Often times a magazine company or any type of text resource uses images that speak to a reader to draw them in to read. In the photograph “Killing Dolphins”, one may feel that it triggers many potential emotions. At first glance there are three fishermen, each with blood on their hands. One of the men is holding a knife in his hand while he reaches for one of the many dying dolphins. A net traps the dolphins, swimming in their own blood, some dead and some still struggle to keep their heads above water. It also could potentially catch ones attention because it was not just a couple of dolphins being slaughtered there was more than a dozen being killed at once. One’s immediate response may be to ask questions, like: who is doing this, why is this being done, and is there anything I can do to stop this? With all these questions one may feel the need to read the article and learn more about what was going on.

         “Killing Dolphins” was a great picture to draw one into reading the article, but one may feel unsatisfied with the information that follows in the article. When looking at the image one cannot see the faces of the fishermen, leaving one wondering who are these people, what ethnicity? Also we have no idea of the origins of this killing of dolphins is not stated in the article. Because of the lack of details one may ask, is it everywhere or in one certain place? Why were they killing the dolphins, is there a certain part of the dolphins they want or are they killing them because they are destroying a resource they need and they need to depopulate them? The questions that come to mind when looking at this moving picture are endless, and the article below the picture is there to answer the questions to a certain extent. Although the picture provided one with much detail still it does not answer all of one’s questions about the injustice going on and the article provided does not provide those details a reader may be looking for. I decided to do more research on the matter and found the article below which informed me on the practices of a small Japanese fishing community who round this dolphins up for slaughter, to be sold into captivity. 


I found this article with more details of this horrifying Dolphin round up.


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  1. This picture is horrendous!!! I can’t believe some of the awful things that humans do. I also would like to know all of the answers to questions you asked! I feel (sadly) that more than just the one small japanese community in the world does this horrible act themselves. This provokes the angry, frustrated, and sad feelings that the documentary Blackfish provoked.

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