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You all may be wondering! What is up with all these written “Sally sold sea shells down by the sea shore” samples? Well I am using my family’s handwriting as my archive for my final project. Although I am no graphologist and am not specially trained I am going to go online do a little research and do a rough analysis of some of their handwritings. I asked in a group message and got some pretty funny responses. My brother-in-law said, “MK this sounds like scam. Are you planning to forge a bunch of promissory notes” my brother said his girlfriends handwriting “is the handwriting of serial killer.” In response to those: no, my brother’s girlfriend is not a serial killer (at least to my knowledge) and no I am not using their hand writing to forge promissory notes. I also had one of my brothers trying to cheat i.e. figure 2 you may notice was from a computer.

         So here goes my analysis as a graphologist. I am going to look at several different things in the persons’ handwriting including size, slant, baseline, and spacing. I am going to pull descriptions of what graphologists look for in people’s handwriting to give you an idea of what each says.


Size: The size of the writing indicates the writer’s desire to be noticed. 

Slant: The Slant of writing indicates the writer’s emotional interactions. 

Baseline: An important factor in judging the writer’s emotional stability and disposition is the baseline of the writing. The baseline is the actual line upon which letters are written

Spacing: spacing – Space between words indicates social attitude to others. Close words are a sign of sociability.


I also will look at some other random things too!


I am going to do 1 analysis for right now. I am going to look at figure 3 first.

For size: It looks to be large. This says that a person likes being noticed, stands out in a crowd. Broad perspective makes an impression, bold, ego driven, action oriented.

Slant: I was unsure to do strong right or right. After looking at some samples I decided to go with right. Right slant means sociable, responsive, interested in others. Good coping ability, extroverted, outgoing, friendly, future directed.

Baseline: I would say it was normal straight. This means they are determined stays on track. This person is self-motivated, reliable, mind controls emotion, steady, unflinching.

Spacing: I would say there was significant space between the words. This says that the person likes their own space.

I am going to look at some loops of the writing. It says a longer lower loop says a person likes their physical space which matches with the spacing.

Next I am going to look at the speed. This looks like a fast writing based on the samples. A fast writer is said to be alert, perceptive, flexible, mature, and rapid thinker.


This is my Dad’s handwriting. A lot of the things matched up with his personality which is very interesting because it was as I said a very rough analysis.






  1. Handwriting is very interesting to me. I don’t have the best print or bubbliest handwriting (especially for a girl), and in grade school my friends always made fun of me for my handwriting (there’s was the typical, girly, large print, bubbly script). In my last years of high school and now in college, I’m actually thankful for my handwriting because I can write extremely fast (in comparison to a lot of my friends), which is extremely useful with note taking. I am interested to see what you find from your research!

  2. I really like you handwriting project seems like it will be fun to see if things match up with your subjects personalities. Handwriting is so important that is being done less and less. Hopefully people are still writing things down in the future at least occasionally so that typing and voice command have not fully taken over.

  3. It is very interesting to see that how people do certain things can be so different from one another even within the same family and how much you can tell about a person from something as simple as writing. This will be a fascinating project!

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