A day without my phone and computer

Since the first day of having a phone and a computer, I would normally spend 5 hours to use my computer and my phone before I go to sleep every night. It’s a routine that I have been living with for years. I would normally spend 3 hours on my computer to check if there is any unfinished homework and class readings, or to print materials off that are requires for next class. Along with the academic works, I also spend time on blogging. I often blog my Chinese friends post so that I am still in connect with them even I am in a different country right now. After done with my works on my computer, I would move to my phone. Nowadays, cellphones are like computers, except that the cellphone screen is much smaller. I would read on my phone every night right before I go to sleep. I don’t know if I could fall asleep without reading on my phone.

The night that I decided to live without my phone and computer was very hallow. I was not able to sleep because my mind kept telling me that I forget to do something that I would normally do at this time. I was not able to access any electronic texts. I felt so nervous of getting things undone. The feeling of missing something had driven me crazy. In order to get rid of the feeling of emptiness, I substituted my concentration to reading a paper book,which required me to turn on the light so that I was able to see. Did i really succeed in living without technologies? No, I was just putting down one technology and picking up another technology. As I put down the cellphone and computer, I picked up some other technologies to redirect my attention and ease my anxiety, which were the book and the light. In Elmo Stoll’s article, he mentioned that we see a lot of people whose lives revolve to make life easy for them ( Stoll, 176).

According to my own experiences above, we humans in this generation are difficult or maybe impossible to put down all the technologies that we are used to. It seems unrealistic to accomplish the life without the technologies. Almost everything around us is a type of technology. Now the question to all of us is that can we live without technologies? I personally can’t live without technologies since I was born in a technology era. Especially for those electronic technologies. In this century, if someone who is not able to use technologies, i would assume he or she is an outcast in this world. But for those who were born in a plain society, they might be fine to live without the technologies since they have not yet been exposed to the technologies. I would like to live in a simple life like that, but the reality tells us that it is nearly impossible for us who have already exposed to the technologies to degrade.



  1. I know exactly what you mean when you say it felt hollow the night that you were unable to use your phone and computer. It feels like a part of you is missing. I think that people who have begun to rely on these technologies for everything they do needs to be changed. It is extremely important for people to realize that it is not a matter of technology taking over people’s lives, but rather, technology is a way to improve everything.

  2. I also completely understand this I usually surf the internet before going to bed and its almost as if my body just automatically reaches for my iPad when I lay down. I would just feel as if something was missing from my day, it’s as integral as waking up in the morning. I think this may be just who we are becoming as a connected society we all need to know what is happening around us whether it be around the corner or across the globe.

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