Does race exist?

Racial inequality was a big issue back in the 20th century or even earlier. Race was first brought up by Europeans when they took over Africa and claimed white man’s burden, which means it is whites’ duty to bring educations to all non-white people and western people. Later, the slavery trade started. Millions of Africans were been shipped to United States. Those slaves had no freedoms at all. Some Americans regarded this social system as a crucial treatment and some felt that slaves were free non-white labors. Because of that, the nation started civil war and fortunately, northern Americans won the war. Later slaves were no longer slaves; they were called colored people or black people. Still, these people were not treated as a full man. These unfortunates caused by the word “race” are painful but does race really exist?

To my personal perspective, I think that race does exist but also at the same time, race does not exist. The reason why I think race exists is because it is obvious that every group of people has different culture, diet, language, and religion. These differences among us are like a tag that sticks with us. It made us easier to categorize our society. We can see the idea of race everywhere. For an example, going to college, when we attend or apply for college, the application form would have a question asking us what ethnicity you belong to. I think the most significant element for color difference is the skin pigment. Skin pigment helps to reduce the damage of the cell under the skin from the sun. So how does sun affect our skin pigment? Well the stronger the UV and sun is; the higher density of skin pigment is. So let’s talk about white people, white people such as Europeans and Americans lives in a lower temperature environment which receives less UV from the sun. As a result, less skin pigment was needed to protect the cells under our skin. With some Asian, you will probably see darker or lighter skin color or even close to white. This is because the amount of skin pigment is lesser than the black people but more than the whites, therefore; the density of skin pigment and amount of skin pigment determines the color of the person. 

Relatively, the reason why I also think that race does not exist is because in the perspective of science, all human belong to the same species. Different skin color is just the result of living in different geography location, season, skin pigment, the amount of blood that your body provides, and skin thickness. We know that Africa is a continent that is covered with an extreme high temperature, and because of long time period of exposure under the sun, Africans’ skin color had changed. As Africans produce their next generation, the gene will be inherited to their children, as a result of survival of the fittest. If we covert our mind to think that the skin colors as the patterns of the cats, then we would not see the existence of race because we would not categorize cats by their patterns or calling cats pocky dots race, stripes race or something like that. 

The idea of race really just exists in the imagination of our brain, but now, this idea is actually reflected in our society. Race could either be a virtue or a sham. Different people have different thoughts; it just depends on how you view a group of people.



  1. I think race exists because people want it to exist. People want to be different and are proud of their differences, but at the same time people do not want to be stereotyped in negative ways. I believe race is a very contradicting topic because it can be both positive and negative.

  2. I don’t think race does exist, but in a cultural/social way it does. Biologically, we are all the same on the inside. We all have a brain, a heart, lungs, etc. But socially, everyone is categorized into different races base on the color of the skin and by how they look. Race is used to describe a persons color, and based on that color, they are expected to act a certain way.

  3. I can see what you are saying, and I feel that you made many good points. I on the other hand believe that race does exist. You are somewhat correct when you say that all humans are biologically the same, but that is not 100% correct. There are certain traits that races have that others do not. African American are more likely to get sickle cell anemia opposed to Caucasians. I think that people put too much into race, and need to just judge the individual.

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