How we define technology


The definition of the technology to most people might be the product of scientists’ ideas, machines that use electricity to generate themselves, or any products that is produced by machines such as pencil and paper. now, my question is: “ does the term ‘technology’ only exist in our perspective or in our humans’ world?” In my opinion, i think the term “technology” also exits in nature. Maybe most people would be disagreeing with me because we think that technologies must involve human’s invention. 

When we hear the term “technology”, we would relate it to computer, phone, cars, and television, etc. If we take a moment to think deeply of where does the supply or material come from, i think the answer would be from the nature. To get the shape and quality of the hardwares we need steal or aluminum or other metal elements, and they come from certain corners of this planet. To determine the quality of certain products, the quality of material is important, but another important factor would be the process. Only accurate processes and time would produce what we wanted. When we produce something, it means that we need them, regardless of economic purpose. The goal of these technologies is to make problems easier to solve and to benefit ourselves. 

Now, in the world of nature and in the perspective of nature, i think the process of “photosynthesis” is a type of “technology”. At this moment, many of you might think this is ridiculous, but if we think deeper, “technology” is just a simple way of defining the conversion of natural resources into types of produce for us, at least i think so. Now let’s take a look on how the process of photosynthesis is a type of “technology”. In biology class, we often refer cell as a factory, each organelle has their own task. We refer chloroplast as a powerhouse of plant cell. So doesn’t this sound like an electric factory? Within the chloroplast, we have sets of chlorophylls that act like solar panel, which takes in carbon dioxide and light energy and converts them into mechanical energy and releases out water and oxygen. This is why I consider oxygen as a type of technology. 

Anyways, the term “technology” is just simply a name tag for converting natural resources into what we need. We grew up in the world that is full of technologies and we all know the word and definition of the word technology. people don’t understand what “natural technology” is, so perhaps scientists now create a new word for “natural technology”, and throw it into the dictionary, will we be familiar or deny the existence of “natural technology” for the rest of the century? Humans have higher IQ than any other animals, this advantage causes us to forget that everything we have came from the nature, for example clothes, they are made of cottons and other natural materials, clothes do not just jump out of the store and serve us. In a word, our technologies are based on nature’s technologies.


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  1. I agree with you that the most common definition of technology has to do with the use of electronics and computers. However, the traditional definition might even allows to use the wheel as an example of technology. I think it really comes down to the person defining it and whether or not that invention allows people to progress further into the future.

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