Keep wild animals wild

Human beings are seeking liberty. So do animals, especially for wild animals. Wild animals should be running in the endless field. They are born with freedom and wildness. As the time passes, more and more animals are in danger, and it makes them precious. Many rich men are hiring hunters to catch precious animals for collections. On the other hand, animals are caught by people for entertainment. Humans exercise them to play for human viewing. This action deprives their freedom.

Animals contribute to ecosystems diversity. They are diverse. Some of them may have common ancestors with humans. Scientists observe their shapes and genes to get more information about the theory of evolution. If they are captured, they are living in a limited area. They are not wild anymore. They may adopt this area by changing its behavior, so that scientists cannot observe the original wild animal anymore. We do not need a human-like animal to stay with us. We want animals to show their wild way.

In order to protect animals that are in danger, some environmental protection agency captures precious animals in the zoo for saving them. Guardians prepare everything for them, such as foods, shelters and a partner. Animals in the zoo do not need prey for food. No need to fight for shelter; no need to woo a partner. As long as they live in the zoo, they forget their original living style. They become like the livestock reared by humans. Even for protecting animals from extinction, humans’ actions are not in a proper way. They are overprotecting them that they lose their original behavior. It makes these animals a step behind the wild animal.

Some animals are facing extinction, so that humans want them to reproduce as more as animals can. For example, in China, people just rear a female panda and a male panda in the same living area and let them reproduce. This action deprives an animal’s freedom of choosing its partner.

Preparing food and shelter for animals is also not a good way to protect animals. Some tigers are captured in the zoo. For giving them the best care, zoo keepers prepare the shelter and food for them. Now the ferocious tiger becomes easy going with humans like a cat, and loses its instinct.

When humans capture dolphins in the aquarium, they are exercised by aquarium keepers for entertainment. Dolphins are supposed to swim in the endless ocean, but not in the small swimming pool. They not only lose their freedom, but also work for human. Dolphins are not humans’ employees!

Keeping animals in the zoos or aquariums, even for protecting purpose are not acceptable. Humans make the fake environment for those animals; however it is same like the real wild field. It has a limitation in it. Animals are still not living in freedom. Animals have their own living behavior. Once they are captured by people, people start to exercise them for entertainment. Animals lose their own behavior, and this behavior may be passed to their offspring if they continue living in this man-made environment. As the time passes by, these animals may totally lose their instinct. As wild animals, they also lose their value.

Animal should stay in the freedom place, no matter the situation. Human cannot change their behavior. This is not a protection; it is the way to destroy their instinct!


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