Is different race marriage a sin? Yes to it if it is in ancient time. Some people who are racists might be against different race marriage, also for some countries or cultures that are still conservative and only allow same culture or race marriage. Other than these circumstances, people’s views on different race marriage have changed over time. People have been taking the acceptance over time, not only for the different race marriage, but also for the gay marriage and international marriage. Different race marriage is very common nowadays in the US, white Americans will marriage African americans, Asians marry Europeans. Why do some people think that it is a sin to marry a different race? It is mostly because of their culture, religion and thoughts. For example, during colonial time of America, whites think that they are the top of all other races. No other race can be at the same position as them, as if they carry the most supreme blood line. Any whites who tries to marry black will be damned, and the reason to that is mostly because in the bible God said no. On the other hand, people say God did not specifically said that a white man cannot marry a black women, and that goes to all other races.

People are slowly accepting gay marriage as to a part of the norms, if different race marriage is a sin, then what will gay marriage be to those people who think that different race marriage is a sin? Most of the people have their mind judge things based on religion, and they mostly end up on the opposite side and at the extreme. Why can’t people do things at their own wills, do they have to be judged on what they do that doesn’t seem to be right to the others?  This does seem to cease as time goes by, same sex marriage is a newly topic that people think about rather than the mix race marriage. Mix race marriage is not something as serious as same sex marriage right now. Most of the countries are still debating whether they should let gay marriage be legal, to think that gay marriage is a contemporary topic. There are countries that have accepted gay marriage, countries like Denmark, France and Spain. Of all these marriages, you would think that different race marriage is no big deal now. 

International marriage is kind like mix race marriage, different people that are marrying each other. They are from any countries, like of Korean and Italian, Chinese and English. International marriages are especially common these days because of the improvement in transportations and the globalization. It is way easier to travel right now than the olden days. Nowadays, it is very common to see mix children walking on street. Not too many people will be surprise to see them. Although people are different, but they can still come together and get married. No matter how different they are to each other, they still goes through what normal couples do. Going to the church and have the wedding, get a marriage certificate. The law did not states that these marriages are illegal, otherwise they would not even get married and have their family and children.


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