Robots and their “Takeover”

In recent years, people have described robots as things that are going to take over the jobs and lives of people. With the recent upswing in the use of technology and robots in jobs and just day to day things to improve the quality of life, people fear that one day they will have to report to robots at their job rather than other people. People don’t want to let robots control everything because they are afraid of what will happen when robots have the ability to detect and create their own thoughts and emotion.

An article from Daily Mail (, discusses research done that seems to show that robots will take over all the jobs and lives of people by 2040. The article goes on to discuss how people will never be able to compete with the efficiency of robots when it comes to most day to day things, and that the jobs of people will become to just micromanage the robots who are doing all the work for them. Additionally, the article discusses the possibility of modifying your body just to keep up with robots in productive efficiency and to not risk losing your job to a robot. That kind of thing is quite scary to think about considering how difficult it has been to get jobs with decent pay in the recent years anyways. People are struggling to find jobs when robots aren’t controlling the job market, so what will happen when robots take over all the available jobs.

This kind of view is the very negative side of what people have been seeing in recent years. However, I feel that there is also a positive to all this. Robots are there to make the lives of people easier, especially when people are not afraid to allow them to do this. Robots aren’t just going to become the end all if people do not allow them to. I feel like robots and other technological advances should be embraced and controlled at the same time. If we allow them to slowly make our lives easier without giving up control of the things that we want to keep, it can easily be something that will continue to improve our lives in a good way rather than scaring us.

For example, automated cars are something that are a real possibility in a few more years. However, people seem to think that automated cars will become the norm and that people will no longer be able to drive cars. That is just not the case. If we just control the function, they can be automated when we want them to be, and at other times, we can choose to drive the car ourselves and turn off the “auto” function. They would just be there to make our lives easier. I think people need to think of the alternatives before they just start throwing takeover theories out. Robots are not there to ruin our lives, but just to improve them so we can enjoy them more.


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