Science or myth?

Many people believe that science is the answer to everything, but some other people believe in pseudoscience, in another word, fake science. Some religious people and uneducated people believe that curse or unknown disaster is the punishment given by God, they rather believe in god than science. Another type of pseudoscience would the death experience that is touched by someone who is near the death. Majority of them claimed that they saw their older family members are surround by a golden light and telling them to go back, it is not the time yet. But no one could really explain it, therefore, many scientists put out their questions to deny this pseudoscience. In my perspective, I believe that it might just be a fabrication or hallucination, but I also believe that some people might really experience this and some people are just fake it for fun or trying to make it mysterious.

Hallucination occurs in few ways, such as mental illness, psychological stress, and hypnotizes and etc. in our brain structure; there is a structure that is use for recognizing and dealing with information from outside. It is located before the frontal cortex. Once this structure is messed up, it will perform malfunction and send incorrect information to your brain which will create hallucination. According to all the examples of mental illness, doctors found out that it is possible for these patients to create hallucination. As a result they often act weird, act like another person, and do what normal people wouldn’t do.

A useful type of hallucination would be hypnotized. Under special psychological doctor’s words, patients can go deeper into the brain than usual and say something that the patients themselves thought is forgotten.

The most common way to create illusion is through psychological stress. People under certain pressure can see illusion, for example, working pressure can cause people to become schizophrenic. Or after a kid has seen a horror movie, the image from the movie would curve into kid’s brain deeply. After certain time period of imagination, the psychological defense becomes weaker. At this point the kid is sensitive to any moving object or sound, during an isolated and dark situation. Your brain and eyes would work together to produce incorrect information once your brain is full of horror or wished image,

An example would be my friend’s grandfather. He once went up to into a mountain in the evening and did not return home until 10 O’clock at night. During my friend’s explanation, he told me that his grandfather was lost in the mountain and had seen a white object floating in the air. He followed the white object and eventually came out of another mountain. However, I believe that his grandfather is not lost because he is really familiar with the road. Therefore, I believe that he must be tired and nervous under the desolated, dark, and silent situation. Because of this illusion occurred.

Even though I believe seeing relative near the death is not real but if it happens, I think it is because of survival of consciousness, after all, i have not yet hover around death before.


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  1. Science is something that will always be used to counter anything someone says which doesn’t line up with the typical views of people. I completely agree with you that the grandfather was more than likely dehydrated and exhausted after being in a mountain all day. However, there is always going to be a line where people believe otherwise. I don’t know if there will ever be a way to decide in one way or another. Science is studied to be true, while myths are something people give value too and thus, they might be true as well.

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