Technologies are made for convenience for human, improvement in technologies is considered as the progress made by the generation. Technologies involve in people’s daily life, most people cannot live without technology. But have you ever wondered is technologies really a progress made by the generation, is it really beneficial to human? Kids get to get in touch with the technologies at very young age, they have TV, computer, PSP, music player, and smartphone. They can’t live without technologies, they are used to technologies as if technologies are part of their life. Some technologies are essential for daily life such refrigerator, phone, washer machine and dryer. Other technologies such as Play Station, TV, Smart phone are not as essential to human, they are entertainments that are optional for people to have. These entertainments can be really bad the children, and to teenagers if they are abused. 

Before technology has become popular among children, children used to go to the restaurant to find the gun ball machine and the candy machine. But now, most of kids are trying to find the wifi so that they can play on the smartphone or tablet. Teenagers have become less and less social, they are always on the computer, Playstation, or on the phone. It becomes rare for teenagers to gather around or go out to play together. This has resulted in social phobia among teenagers. This type of teenagers are often afraid to go outside and meet new people. Not only just that, they often cannot talk to other or present themselves properly. In school, they fail on doing presentation in front of the class and, afraid to communicate to their peers. During lunch time, kids gather around power plug play on smartphone and tablet. Less physical activities have resulted in obesity among these young age kids.

Another technology that is common around all age group is microwave, microwave can heats up food quicker than the stove. Lots of the food sold at the store are microwavable, but they are not always healthy. Microwavable food is full of fats and calories, it’s not something that your body really needs. It contains tiny amount of the nutrients, these food are what you called the junk food in which shows technologies can also create health problem to people. Playstation and Video game players have contributed another problem. Violent games are really popular and addictive to kids, kids choose to play games rather than playing sports outside. They are easily distracted in school, all they can think about is the game they are playing. They cannot participate in school, grades drop quickly. Violent games can also do damage to kids behavior, they often become aggressive and violent. It is hard for them to control their temper once it gets off. Kids at a young age can easily be influenced by the surroundings, it is hard for kids to avoid this age of life. Other than that, technologies are beneficial to human. Jobs involve technologies, school, library, military and grocery store also need technologies.


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