Deciding What’s Natural

Earlier in the term we read American Polygeny and Crainiometry Before Darwin by Stephen Jay Gould along with a list of topics to discuss. It discussed race matters of the time. One topic mentioned are views on interracial marriage during that time.  Interracial marriage and biracial children were described as sins against nature. The topic question asks “How is the idea of what is natural today used to legitimate our preferences and biases?” Although I do believe there are still people bothered by interracial couples but right now the focus is on same-sex marriages.  The struggle to get same-sex marriages legalized shows just how big of a deal this is in our society. I think consenting adults should be able to choose whom they want to marry. Who is to say what is or should be natural to a person or a group of people?  If we are going to talk about what is natural then everything man-made is not natural.  One of the most prevalent things people use to say that same-sex relationships is a sin against nature is religion.  I think that no matter what your preference is as long as it is between consenting adults do what feels right to you. Being gay, straight or bisexual no matter your preference that is your natural self and it is not a sin against nature. What I consider a sin against nature are pedophiles, molesters, and rapist.  Now those are the people that are going against what is natural and what is good in the world. If more focus and effort were put in to identifying and being aware of these type of offenders’ society would be better off. The effects of their behavior is devastating to not only their victims but their families as well.  They are true detriments to society. I really do not understand why people are fighting so hard against same-sex marriage. I saw a documentary on HBO called Proposition 8. In the state of California a judged ruled that same-sex marriage was a violation of the constitution. Because of this same-sex marriages that had already taken place where no longer considered legal. Proposition 8 is a documentary of the fight to change that ruling. It is so sad to think people in same-sex relationships have to go thought all of this just to get married all because people are prejudice.  Hopefully as more time passes problems with same-sex relationships and marriage with be a thing of the past as the issues with most of the prejudices against interracial relationships. Being in a same-sex relationship is not harmful to the individuals in them or a bad influence on society. It is most certainly not a sin against nature. There are no victims and people in same-sex relationships are willing participants.  My hope for the future is that people don’t focus on who is dating who and focus on crime and improving society.  There are many problems in our society and same-sex relationships is not it.



  1. I fully agree with you that same-sex marriage should be legal, and that it is a waste of time for our society to try and keep it illegal. I do not fully agree that it is natural for someone to be gay, with respect to pro-creation, but as you said, everything man-made is un-natural. The main arguements for banning same-sex marriage do derive from religion; in my opinion, however, this is a clear indication that there is not a true separation from church and state.

  2. I feel like the whole situation with gay rights and what is natural can be related alot to the civil rights era. A lot of people thing change should happen but a lot of the country feels the opposite and in short time things will change. Laws are already being put into effect but how long till the majority of society accepts them

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