Green Home or Smart Home

Recently I started watching HDTV from time to time, and they have a promotion where a winner wins a fully furnished house.  They promote it as a “Smart Home”, it is beautifully designed and full of new technology. Each room has its own new technology that makes it special. I wanted to see exactly what technology the house had so I went on to their website to explore. In one I saw a room had a media wall with 3 TV’s in it, who needs 3 TV’s in one room.  There was shower that could be programed to up to four people’s specifications, and the shower could be turned on with a remote. I want to know who thinks of these things. I never once thought it turning on a shower knob was do difficult it needed to be simplified with a remote. Between having to clean the remote and keep track of it having a remote actually seems like more work. As far as I could go back was 2008.  The first few years of this program they gave away green houses, but in 2013 and 2014 they gave away smart houses instead. The green houses where considered special because they were eco-friendly and most of the materials where from other recycled materials.  I found it interesting and a little sad that they stopped focusing on being environmentally friendly to focusing on having the newest technology. It really makes me think about the direction the desire for new technology has over other worldly matters.  It was a specific choice for them to eliminate the aspect of having a green home in favor of a smart home. They could have done a combination of a smart and green home. The smart home had things people really do no need at all. I am still trying to figure out why that one room had 3 TV’s in it.  I must admit a lot of the things they have in the house seem wonderful and I would love to have in my home, but I would also like some of the features from the green houses as well. I think it is scary to think that technology was chosen over being environmentally conscious.  The culture we live in is more and more dependent on technology. I feel like societies craving for technology is unstoppable because we do not even crave new technology until introduced to us, then we have to have it and cannot live without it.  I wonder if HDTV decides to go back to giving away a green home would they consider it a step back or just an alternative option. I is sad to think that in this case that the affect technology has had on people is that technology was chosen over the environment. New technology is fun and there is always something new to look forward to, and we know what to expect when dealing with going green. Going green does not have the same thrill as getting new technology but it is just as important.


Here is the link to look at the homes and features they offer.



  1. That is pretty abusrd that someone feels it necessary to clutter their homes with useless technology. I can see the confusion on why someone would want three TVs in one room; it seems like that would be way too much of a complication than an accomplishment. Also, the “smart” shower seems really dumb; maybe someone decided they didn’t want to hover for 10 secs for the water to warm up? Going to your point of green vs smart, I believe that the two can be accomplished together. Given that environmental technology tends to be top of the line new technology, a green house could easily be a “smart’ house.

  2. I watch the show where they take you on a tour of this house it must have been a couple of months ago but I know exactly what you mean I was watching this and just thinking “who could have possibly thought that was a problem that needed to be fixed with a new gadget”. Now I am all about being able to control your certain aspects of your house from an app on your phone. The temperature of the thermostat or setting the alarm if you forgot I think that is really neat and useful, but a microwave you control from your remote, who needs that?.

  3. Yeah, it seems we all are questioning the smart shower. It’s strange that we are developing creature comforts for our creature comforts. Dozer has it right, the green house should be considered the new smart house. For the advancement of technology some environmental damage was unavoidable. I think we’re past that time and need to start recognizing it. Swapping out the monikers smart and green could help. I think it would be a better fit for a smartphone to be one that was power efficient and made of recyclable materials.

  4. I also agreed. Before this post, I always thought that green houses were smart houses (or at least that’s how it seemed to me). A lot of the technology used to make homes energy efficient are always very impressive and I feel that our society’s view of a “smart” home is transforming into a house to fit our materialistic, greedy human wants.

  5. I can chime in on this as it is something I see in my house. I live with 5 other roommates, and although we don’t really need it, each of us has a huge TV in our room, and we have 4 different TVs going in our living room at the same time. I think it is interesting that one person watching doesn’t bother another, but most of the time, it is just us playing games with each other. However, I also agree that we should be looking towards the green side. Technology is somethign that was invented to make life easier, but life being easier won’t matter if people can’t get their act together first.

  6. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Disney Channel Movie Smart House but this is really similar. The whole house was controlled by technology. There was even a “smart” computer in the house that acted as the mother. It formed intelligence and tried to actually become the mother that the family had lost. The house ended up turning on them and almost killing them. While this is an extreme example and a disney movie, it definitely is something for conversation.

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