Human Environment

When we discussed animals in class, one concern about them that came up was their natural habitat. Many of us believed that we should keep wild animals wild and in their natural, unprotected environment. I believe this, too. I do believe that humans are mostly to blame for a lot of the poor environments that animals now have to live in, I feel that humans trying to control the population and natural habitats is not the solution. Natural habitats need to remain as untouched by humans as possible. Sure, evolution will happen, but species will adapt around changes in their natural environment, where they are best suited to thrive and live happily and peacefully. My question now is this. Humans are animals, too. What is our natural environment where we live best, grow, and thrive?

                There are so many environments that humans live in. But this is all by choice. There are rural areas, with wide open spaces and vast human settlement, suburban areas, with closer knit human settlement and open space- but not as far as the eye can see, and urban areas, where humans settle on top of each other with very little to no open space. But which environment best suites us as a species? Is there one particular environment that’s best for all of us or are we all different?

                While I think these questions can be argued for many different cases, this is what I think. I think all of us humans are very similar in the environment that best suits us. I feel that while urban areas may provide entertainment that fills our materialistic, adventurous sides, I think that almost all of us would feel most at peace with ourselves and thrive most in open areas. Suburban areas are almost a nice mix in between both, but I feel like these are best for our civilized selves, still not reaching are full natural potential. On our retreat day, when most of us separated ourselves from many of our technological devices that have started consuming so much of our lives, a lot of our class discussed how calming it was and how our eyes became more open to the world around us. In other discussions, a large majority of our class has discussed some experiences in parks or forests as places that we feel most comfortable. Based on these discussions alone, I feel that humans are most “natural” in open areas, with mostly uninhabited (by humans) land. From personal experience, I believe this is true. Every time I get worked up or overwhelmed with all of the going ons in my life, I always separate myself from my devices and thoughts that are controlling my mind, and go on a long hike in some of the natural parks outside of my hometown. From these encounters, I believe that humans are most natural in small groups, and in more open, grassy animals where we can roam and explore the land, yet have a loving group of humans to share our lives with.



  1. Since humans are so complicated, maybe there is not one specific setting suited for all. It seems that urban, suburban, and rural areas all need each other to survive and it is almost up to the individual human to have a preference to one living condition over the other. A big part of this preference is the job that the human holds. A farmer would not thrive in New York City in the same way that Wall Street would not be the same if it was in the middle of Nebraska. I do like how you say that a suburban area is a nice mix and I agree that humans would be best suited in this environment. However, with how complex humans are, this simply is not possible to limit humans to one environment.

  2. I agree that humans like to be in open spaces where there are not many people around. I went to hocking hills a few weeks ago and went for a hike with my friend. The area was so big that we were able to be on a path alone for most of the time. Most of the walk were were silent and we often would stop and just listen. It was so quiet and so peaceful. I feel like going outside you can’t have a moment when a car isn’t flying by or a lawn mower is running. I do believe that we need to have people to protect and preserve nature because not everyone respects nature. Overall good post.

  3. I totally agree that a suburban area is a nice mix and humans would thrive there, but we cannot limit ourselves to one environment. Most human, not all though, love urban areas. We love the excitement and the fact everything is modern. But everyone has that moment when they want to escape and be in a quite, natural place. Personally, I think the urban areas helps us appreciate the rural areas a little more (not everyone though). When we go on hikes or go fishing, we appreciate the beauty of nature and are not overwhelmed with the noises/sights you would hear/see in an urban area.

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