Is taking care of nature really contributes towards Ecology?

Firstly, what is Ecology? Well, by definition it is the study if relationship between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment; it seeks to understand the vital connections between plants and animals and the world around them. But how does Ecology function? It provides information about the benefits of ecosystems and allows humans to gain access to the Earth’s resources in ways that leave the environment healthy for future generations. But there has been argument regarding the ecological footprint has already exceeded the carrying capacity of the Earth. There has already been examples scrutinizing  the thesis that the Earth’s carrying capacity has been exceeded by humanities footprint as a whole. The easiest way to draw a picture is by putting rats together in an environment with unlimited resources and they will all live in peace. But if we put the same amount of rats together in an environment with strict limited resources, there will be fights, then death follows, because of limited supply of food and water, hence it is resources. Humanity is playing the same game at the moment, and such scenario will increasingly within this “box”, Earth. So the question is, if human start to take initiative to take care the Earth, will this way help the humanity out of such enigmatic problem?

It would help only a little. But the essential problem is that population density is way too high for Earth to sustain its durability. Not only because Earth will be lack of resources for every individual on the globe, but the steepness of resource decline will increase. Thus, the most significant step to really protect the Ecology footprint is to control the human population. This means that humans will need to be responsible of their capability when it comes to child birth, taking care to the child needs and raise them to be as responsible being.

It seemed that we humans were controlling the other species population claiming the fact that we are responsible for maintaining the food chain within the ecology system. But how about the human birth rate? The human population has been increasing since the Industrial Revolution. Is there any possible way to impose birth control in a democracy that considers procreation as a fundamental human right? I guess that only a strong ties between human an economy will only “force” to control the human population. It is a sad scene, but its a fact. Firstly, to raise a child, it would cost a lot in the future. Thus, a responsible new coming parents will think before bearing a child. This states that only the ones that fit within the economy demand will only survive. So, the question now is ” Do humans really need to be control by  superficial force such as money in order to maintain the entire Ecology system?”





  1. I’m not sure if the carrying capacity of the earth has been reached, and if we are approaching it, it is a matter of human ingenuity largely as opposed to being bound by the forces of nature. Sure there isn’t unlimited space, but there is borderline unlimited energy (of course I’m talking about solar). Continually have humans been able to make farming and energy use more efficient, so I think our continued will to live will allow us avoid reaching carrying capacity for a very long time. We might really mess up the nature on earth by doing this – that is totally possible – but humans will live on.

  2. This is a problem that we must face with the population doubling in front of our eyes. I am scared that we will have to deal with these questions (are dealing with them now somewhat) in our lifetime. I feel as though it is just a matter of time before a natural disaster happens or a plague runs through a country or even the world to decrease the population. It hasn’t happened in a long time and I expect it to possibly happen soon.

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