Nature Walk

When the Bonsho bell rings, you spend a minute gathering your thoughts and concentrating on your breathing. As you walk out of class and onto the South Oval, you go from the comforts of an air condition room to the hot humid summer that awaits you. Instead of hearing the acoustic sounds of the birds and the wind striking the trees, or the sounds of shoes striking the pavements of the oval, all you hear are construction sounds from both sides of the Oval. Not particularly the sounds you want to hear during a nature walk.

During our walk, Professor Josephson asked us “What do you think will happened to these buildings a few years to hundred years from now? Well if mankind weren’t present, I’d say it would be akin to what’s happening in some areas of Detroit. As mankind abandons their settlements, Mother Nature reclaims its land back again.

I have never been much of an outdoors guy. I’ve gone fishing, camping, hunting and hiking and aside from hiking, these activities have never appealed to me. But I knew in order to write this blog post, I needed to conduct my own nature walk. The area near my apartment complex was the perfect setting.

As I walked towards the woods, all you could hear were the sounds of nature-the winds hitting the trees and the insects buzzing and you could see ducks and geese resting near the pond.  Not the sounds of construction or cars and trucks passing by. You could ponder and mediate on your thoughts without any distraction (unless you count insects creeping near your legs). It’s a shame though because in a few years, the area will probably be plowed and erased to make way for homes, apartments and businesses and the city of Hilliard expands.

The perfect example is the suburb of Columbus-Lewis Center. Fifteen-twenty years ago, the entire area was covered by farms and forest. Now its home to the Polaris Mall and a fast growing subdivision of Orange Township (Lewis Center).

Another example is the eastern suburb of Columbus-New Albany. Like Lewis Center, 15-20 years ago, it was home to farms and to a small township of New Albany. Now its home to a sprawling upper middle class homes.

As mankind expands (population wise, nature falls to its demise and as mankind retreats like in the case of Detroit, nature reclaims its land. As Detroit continues to mire in its financial depression, homes are abandoned via foreclosures and most of these homes with low mortgage value tend to neglected by either the bank that owns them or the city.

Here is an imgur link of the pictures of the City of Detroit within a five year period.  I viewed it a while back from reddit.



  1. Wow those pictures are pretty crazy. It is too bad that nature is being taken away for the use of humans. It is interesting that you pointed out how once humans abandon the area, nature takes it back. It seems as though there will always be a trace of human though as many of those houses were littered with debris and graffiti. It seems as though it is becoming more and more important to maintain and preserve the untouched land such as parts of the Appalachian mountains and other mountain ranges out west.

  2. Those pictures are very eye opening! I think the idea of nature taking over human settlements after they leave is a very strong point. I feel like this just shows how powerful nature is and how humans really don’t have as much control over it, regardless of how hard we try to control it.

  3. Wow those pictures are crazy! I really think it’s cool how they show the change and it really makes me agree more with what you said about how nature always comes back. The first image showed a side yard that had cut grass, but in the third image it was overgrown and flowers were growing. It’s sad that we take up so much space and then often do not have the means to support it and leave it to self destruct. I really like what you had to say.

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