As an animal lover watching Blackfish made me realize that I will not be returning to SeaWorld anytime soon. I know things probably are not the same now as they were when the documentary was filmed, but either way animals were being mistreated for way too long. I think what bothered me the most is that the animals that were being mistreated visibly showed signs of distress. For example, when SeaWorld took away the mother whale’s babies, the mothers would whine or cry and stop eating as a way to show their emotions. Even if the mothers were not able to show their emotions it would still be wrong to take away their babies because it is not natural; however since they were it disturbs me more. If I witnessed these mother whales crying for their babies I would feel extremely sad and would not be able to continue separating them from their young and it bothers me knowing that trainers and SeaWorld representatives were able to witness this. These trainers work at SeaWorld because they love animals, but it makes me wonder how much they really love them because they allowed SeaWorld to harm them physically and mentally. Yes, it is not really their decision about what goes on with the animals, but they are their caretakers and can do more to help them. I want to think that the trainers truly cared for the animals, but it is hard to believe that knowing that this mistreatment went on for so long.
Another topic from Blackfish that really disturbed me was the treatment of Tilly the orca whale and the trainers that suffered because of him. I was shocked to learn that they used him to mass breed whales, especially since he has a violent personality, because they knew he would produce good offspring. After further research I found out that Tilly took part in breeding 21 whales. SeaWorld just kept using him over and over again which is not natural or ethical. Furthermore, the fact that SeaWorld kept breeding a whale who was violent and took part in killing three trainers is absurd.
It is difficult to say whether or not SeaWorld should close down because it is unknown what would happen to the animals currently there. The animals would not survive in the wild, but it is also unknown whether or not they would be able to be transferred to another type of aquarium or whether that would even benefit them. Shutting down SeaWorld now would probably drastically harm the animals that are currently there, but it would definitely help save many animals in the future. The real question is if the risk is worth the reward. I know many people feel that now since SeaWorld has changed its ways it is fine and it should not close down because it is a place for our amusement; however, I would not be upset if SeaWorld closed down because there are many other places people can go for their amusement that does not and did not mistreat animals. No matter how you look at it whales are an animal species and humans are an animal species, and no species deserves to be mistreated.



  1. I had very similar reactions to the movie Blackfish. The scene that struck me the most, too, was the mother whale whining and crying for her baby- sounds that could travel long distances. I also am horrified at the treatment that SeaWorld used with these orcas, and will not be returning in the near future, if ever.

  2. I totally agree with your reactions to Blackfish. After I watched it my heart sank. I can’t believe that people who “loved animals” such as trainers would seperate the mothers from their children. This broke my heart because we all know that lots of species of animals especially killer whales stay with there mothers for a long time. I too will not be returning to SeaWorld, I just hope the killer whales now are being treated better and that they will not continue to breed them.

  3. I don’t think releasing the whales into the wild would result in them dying. Probably a significant amount of their intuition is based in instinct so I bet they would be able to probably get by if they were released. Their survival could depend though on being accepted into a pac and that might be difficult for whales raised in captivity.

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