A day without technology

In today’s hectic world, at least in my generation (and younger), we are surround by numerous forms of technology that either injects and/or interacts our lives to the information world. Whether it’s social media, the internet, TV, friends and family living a continent away.

I will admit that over the past five to six years, I’ve grown incessantly attached to these forms of technology. I cannot go more than 8 hours without my TV, laptop, tablet or my phone. That might have colluded with my anti-social tendencies (according to my friends and family). The more I divulge into this endless abyss, the worse I get in terms of normal human to human social interactions.

For my one day without technology, I decided to give up my devices that connected me to the online world. I had to travel to Chicago for the 4th of July to visit my sister and my family and this was the perfect day to void myself from these technologies. Normally during family events, I sometimes gravitate towards being away from my family, usually sticking to my phone and staying connected to the virtual world.

So I turned off my phone. Luckily for me, the World Cup 2014 was on TV. Being an avid fan of soccer helped me forget about my phone.

But after the games were over, here came the hard part. Being away from those devices, I became a tat agitated, bored and feeling defunct. It took away my fortress of solitude and forced to me interact with my family members. Dinner couldn’t come fast enough.

The saving grace arrived after dinner when my sister took me and couple of my cousins on a tour of downtown Chicago. Having the visit the aesthetic scenes of Chicago brought me some sanity. But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t wait till the night was over.

Waking up the next day, the first thing I did was to turn on my phone. The relief, joy and the offloading of my anxiety were gone.

What I’ve realized in this one day without technology is that I might have a problem. I always brought my laptop to school and whenever the lecture was boring, I’d hop on it and browse the internet and reddit (which by the way is the worst website for people like me). This semester I decided, I’m going to change that. For the past three weeks or so, besides my phone, I’ve left my laptop at home. It has forced me to pay attention in class.

I will say, in the event of a blackout, I’m not sure if I could survive for more than two-three days without my devices and the internet. I’m hooked in the mainframe and become the bane of my existence for the past 5-6 years.

This is a quote from that NPR link Professor Josephson posted a while back.

“They couldn’t even go for six to 12 minutes,” Wilson says, without succumbing to the pressures of physical distraction. Those results suggest the attraction of our devices may be found simply in their availability, offering a heady escape when our animal brains lack the proper physical engagement. If it’s there, we’ll use it,” goes one of the more common laments about our digital culture. But don’t blame us; we’re only mammals



  1. I agree with you. My tolerance towards my laptop is zero. I am always hogging on my laptop either assignments or games and even news. I am constantly in touch with my laptop, but fortunately not my cellophane, which is weird.

  2. I totally agree with out. I actually had a similar experience before. I went to visit my family down in Cincinnati but unfortunately I left my phone at home. I was so bored on the drive down there and once down there, I was pretty agitated that I couldn’t tinker with my phone like all my other family members were doing with theirs. I am really close with my family, but ever since technology took a turn and everyone became obsessed with iPhones, no one in my family really sits and has those nice family talks anymore. It kind of made me realize how obsessed we are with our technologies and struggle to go without them for a short period of time.

  3. One thing that stood out to me in your blog was when you said that you were able to survive without your phone because you were able to watch the World Cup on TV instead. That sounds exactly like something I would say. That is why I feel like if you want to see what it is like to live without technology you have to live without all technology.

  4. The truth is that the presence of these devices isn’t going to get smaller by society anytime soon. It will never be possible live without so we have to learn to live with. I certainly use my fair share of electronic devices connected to the internet but I think habit replacement is key. Reddit is usually a lot of reading so instead of choosing to read Reddit, to break some of the cycle you can (not you as in OP but you as in any one of us, myself included) read magazines or books instead. It isn’t easy, content on Reddit is fresher and the amount of subreddits can easily keep you entertained for tens of hours but it is difficult to get fulfilled. After finishing a novel, I usually get a sense of fulfilment and I often try to read more books as opposed to stuff of websites because I too am heavily addicted to the internet.

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