All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again

From the dawn of mankind, man has subjected animals in its inner circle as he has evolved into the modern age. But it wasn’t just animals that were subjugated for his various uses. Slavery, from the populous he captured, was and still is still being used as a source of free labor at minimal cost to the “owner”. From the onset of the Age of Enlightenment period in Europe till the end of World War Two, slavery was slowly eradicated from the face of the Earth though slavery exist in certain regions of Africa unfortunately.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” was once echoed by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. As the Robot age looms in the near future and the introduction of Androids currently, one must ponder, are we going down that road again? Obviously the modern day Androids modern man has built hasn’t quite achieved the ability to be self-aware. It’s still a program that in the end, is an execution of ones and zeros.

I’ve never been a big science fiction fan but I loved watching the acclaimed TV show-Battlestar Galactica. It was one of the few TV shows that incorporated various and diverse themes (slavery, beliefs in polytheism, insurgency, counter insurgency, karma, Artificial intelligence…I could go on…) to a show that only lasted four seasons.

In BSG, the Colonists created A.I. robots to replace ground soldiers in its Colonial Military. As decades passed, robots existed as a servitude to the Colonists and eventually, they rebelled which was called the First Cylon War. After years of fighting, an armistice was called and eventually Man and Cylon went their separate ways. The Colonists banned the use of robots in its colonies but to the Cylons, they were the biggest threat to its sentient machines. Four decades later, the Cylons returned, but this time as evolved form (12 android models that looked like, felt, bled like humans, and had consciousness like humans and have the uncanny ability to think like humans) and launched a nuclear holocaust that destroyed the twelve Colonies along with its 13 billion populous.

Fifty thousand Colonists survive and attempts to make a journey to back to their ancestors’ home planet Kobol (Earth). Halfway around their journey, they are captured by the Colons who now have realized the magnitude of their nuclear holocaust on mankind. The Cylons attempt to “co-exist” with humans but the Colonists rebel against the Cylons, escape and eventually along with some humanoid models, find Earth.

Fast forward to our current era, the descendants of the Colonists have now populate Modern Day Earth and have just developed android robots. There was major quote (theme?) in the show that was recited over and over again throughout the show. “All of this has happened before and will happen again”

Back to reality. I know this is a TV show but it makes you wonder, could this really happen? Probably not but human beings have shown a bizarre tendency to subjugate and destroy itself. Maybe our descendants will find out in the next 50-200 years from now.



  1. Humans do have a tendency to trip and fall but every time we get up from it and learn a little more. Sometimes, it seems like humans keep tripping on the same problems (like war and discrimination) but I think generally we’re getting better.

    There are two examples of AI rising against humans from popular culture that are interesting to compare (I’ll write a blog post on it fully) but consider SkyNet from Terminator becoming self aware and VIKI from I, Robot becoming self aware. In both movies the AIs attempt to overthrow the hegemony of humans but SkyNet simply wants to kill all, where as VIKI’s programming dictates that she needs to care for humans who can’t care for themselves.

    Maybe AI will one day defy humans’ orders, but the reasons and orders as to why they will do so will be totally unpredictable.

  2. I do think you have a good theory. Humans continue to create new technology without thinking of the negative side effects until it becomes a problem. Society feeds on new technology and will continue too until it is too late.

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