Presentations (Day 1)

Going into the first day of presentation, I had no idea what to expect, and it seems that no one else did either. Everyone was kind of just hoping that they had prepared in the correct fashion so people didn’t feel they were in a situation with no idea what to do. Personally, I think the format we chose in order to complete these presentations was perfect. They allowed people to be in low pressure situations, while at the same time, being able to practice their oral presentation skills over and over. As multiple people said, being able to say things over and over to different people, the process just became easier every single time. Everyone seemed to have some different way of speaking which was also enjoyable to listen to, and having to get up and move around every couple minutes was actually enjoyable and seemed to keep people in engaged in the conversations. Another really engaging part of this process was how different everyone’s topics were from each other. Not a single person had a topic that was even remotely similar to the other.

Starting off with a topic like Graphology, where I learned something I never would have seen before. I was analyzed based simply on one single sentence I wrote on a piece of paper. Instead of being skeptical, I learned all the reasoning behind it and it made sense to me. It was nice to learn something like this existed. I always thought the only reason handwriting analysis existed was because of crime comparisons, but there is a lot more to the field than just that.

After that, I learned about the zombie apocalypse and again, that was something I definitely did not expect to learn about in a science and technology writing class. It was extremely different, and the Will Smith references improved my day by keeping me consistently entertained. This topic allowed me to think about something I have probably never thought about in my life. This was the big advantage of having multiple presentations. I was worried about people struggling to fill up a usually required time slot about 6 minutes long, but this way, people were able to present exactly what they wanted without feeling pressured into coming up with random information.

Every presentation was done differently also which was nice to see. There were group surveys and powerpoint presentations and televisions and computer monitors and posters. It was amazing at the end to see everyone finally comfortable in their position and able to speak about what they had chosen as their topic without hesitation. However, the downside existed with people who do become tired of speaking about the same thing over and over every five minutes. It can get a little tiring to say the same thing every time someone walks around to you and answer the same questions anytime someone is curious. Overall, I think it was still a successful way to run the presentations.


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