When I think of Polar Bears I think of so much. So much comes flooding to my mind and also I feel many emotions. I think Polar Bears are much more than animals, they are a symbol of what humans have done to this planet. Whenever we think about climate change it’s a hard thing to wrap our minds around. How could humans have such an impact on the climate and how things change? We look at ourselves and think we aren’t going to make that big of an impact by not recycling we are just one tiny person in this world of billions of people. Well… how many people think that? Probably a lot of people to be honest. I think of when I went to Ireland for spring break and how much more conscious people were there of being resourceful. On their outlets they had on and off switches, hot water only lasted for a few minutes and at the grocery store you had to pay extra for using the plastic bags. Here in America we take that for granted. We leave lights on in our apartments (I am guilty) without thinking about it, I have probably 30 plastic grocery bags from me and my roommates and sometimes I can be wasteful. We just don’t think about the effect we are having on the world, because as small as we are we have a significant impact. As I was searching for quotes about this on the Internet something popped up that hit close to home. I went to a Catholic high school and one of the former teachers who was a nun and a brave woman fought for this type of thing. She went to the amazon rain forest in Brazil to stop the deforestation. She went up against powerful ranchers who often threatened her life, and in the end ended up murdering her because she was getting in their way. Here is a quote by her “”Peasant people … don’t have a chance to share in the riches that the planet can offer because some people are taking off so much of the pleasures of this world, and there’s only so much to go around.” — Sister Dorothy Stang, an eco-activist nun from Dayton, Ohio, who in 2005 was murdered in the Brazilian Amazon. If you think about it we don’t realize how much of the riches of the world we are using up because we take them for granted. Sister Dorothy Stang lived among the poor and worked beside them to protect their land that they have lived on for years and died fighting for it. Yet, the powerful ranchers saw profit and money for the trees more important. So you’re probably wondering what does this all have to do with Polar Bears? Well it has everything to do with them. We are causing not all but a lot of the change in climate with our harmful ways of obtaining and using resources and we are killing nature with it. We need to start becoming more conscious of what we are doing. We all don’t have to be like Sister Dorothy Stang, but we can flip the lights off, bring a cloth bag for our groceries ect. You do make an impact and others will follow!


I recommend you read this on Sister Dorothy Stang if you’re interested about her! http://www.sndohio.org/sister-dorothy/Expanded-Story.cfm



  1. Until I took AP Environmental Science, I was one of those people who did not pay attention to the environment; it is not like I did not care, but I was just so unaware of what we as humans could really do to harm it. After taking the class, I realized how much we are causing harm to the world. We demolish habitats to build new building complexes, we litter, and we pollute in many ways. Through all of this pollution we are causing climate change and I agree we are harming the polar bears. The climate is getting warmer and as a result, we are indirectly ruining their habitat.

  2. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that when I began reading this. Heavy.
    Sister Dorothy’s story is pretty powerful though. It’s not everyday that you meet someone who is so incredibly passionate about what they believe in to put their life on the line for it. Your last point is a good one, compared to Sister Dorothy using less energy should be no problem… I think I’ll turn my AC off now.

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