Procrastination and technology.

Ok, I’m writing about procrastination because I’ve been doing it all week. I usually do things at the last minute and end up putting myself under pressure to get things done in a very short amount of time (which is also what I am doing right now). I usually find that I get distracted by a large number of things while attempting to do work, all of them being some form of electronic entertainment. In my house there are 6 TV’s, 5 computers, and 7 game consoles. There is literally not one room in my house that doesn’t hold some electronic form of distraction for me (aside from the bathroom, and doing my work in there is not an option). Let’s not forget my cell phone that feels almost like it should be surgically attached to my hand since I am never without it. Aside from all of the other devices I have, I’d say my biggest distraction is the very computer that I need to do my work on. The only way I am able to sit down and get what I need done is to seclude myself as much as possible, and make it so those electronics are inoperable. Several times this week I have sat down to complete these blog posts and have gotten distracted. Most of the time it is because I would work for a little while and something small would catch my attention, like my being hungry. So I would reward myself for the small amount of work I did by grabbing something to eat… and then sitting down to watch TV while I did it. Next thing I know I’m stuck watching an Adventure time marathon and 4 hours have past. In order to not get stuck in that trap again I confine myself in my room and I notice that I Sharknado 2 is being released soon thanks to a notification on Facebook and that Syfy is having a shark movie marathon. Naturally I must watch this marathon and I can finish the Blogs tomorrow right?…. I didn’t finish the blogs the next day. Instead I find out from a friend through text that Sharknado 2 is being shown at a local movie theater for free. So now my distractions are piling up and it’s Sunday, the day before our final projects are due and the semester is over.  Even now as I am sitting here typing, with earplugs in and my other appliances in my room unplugged, out of the corner of the corner of my eye I can see that tiny green LED on my phone flashing to let me know something has happened. (To be honest I didn’t even finish typing that last sentence before I checked my phone). It’s almost an obsession one that I can’t control. The reason I have earplugs in is because I usually listen to music while I work, but even that is a distraction now. If I’m listening to music, and a song comes on that I am not too fond of I then spend the next two minutes finding a song I like and then the next 15 minutes after that I am making a playlist so that I don’t have to stop and to look for a song I like again. I don’t believe that my procrastination is a result of the technology that surrounds me, but I do believe it makes it a whole lot easier to do so which kind of exacerbates the problem for me.

I read an article about this very topic called Technological distractions present a greater risk of procrastination and threaten work ethic. Although it did not present any solutions, it did hit the nail on the head when identifying the problems (at least it did for me). The article listed 3 types of procrastinators, Arousal types (thrill seekers), Avoiders, and decisional procrastinators. Arousal types “wait to the last minute for the rush.” Avoiders are procrastinators “who might be avoiding fear of failure or even fear of success,” and Decisional procrastinators “who cannot make a decision” and by not making a decision they eliminate any responsibility for the outcome of events. I don’t exactly think I fit perfectly into any category given but I do identify with them. Another fun fact I read, and which I am curious to see if this is at all true, is that in the academic world from high school to graduate school, undergraduate students are the most likely to procrastinate. So here’s my question, how many of you have procrastinated in this class? Also, which procrastination type are you?



  1. I have the same problem too. What I try do to is to study or do my HW for 20 mins and take a 10 min break of browsing reddit. It helps but sometimes those 10 mins slowly creeps to 20 mins and the next thing I know, I’ve spend an hour browsing.
    One of the presentations on Thursday intrigued me. It was the role of ADHD and technology and whether it has dire consequences on ADHD.

    I like your blog post.

  2. I am without a doubt an avoider. I detest the thought of failure and rejection. So I won’t act until I know what I am going to do will be sufficient for the task at hand. I posted just after you about the things i had to do to be able to finish my project. I had to physically remove my distractions from my use.

  3. I think I most identify with arousal because I usually write a sentence or two as I first start to think about a project and then knock it out the night before its due just like now. I don’t necessarily think I get much of a rush out of it though its more of an oh crap that’s due tomorrow which I guess is the greatest motivator.

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