After watching the movie Blackfish the class discussed aspects of the movie including physical, emotion, and personality of the movie. When I had finished the movie and did more background research I learned a lot of the information given in the movie was misleading while the documentary manipulated viewers emotion. Although no doubt the intention is good, lying and deriving viewers by spreading misinformation about animal abuse, is not the way to do it. Sea world is the biggest victim now as it will never be the same economically.

There were many things, which were misleading in the information given to viewers. I encourage you to also read more about it yourself, but to name a few things that make the movie misleading is lack of noting changes made by SeaWorld over time. SeaWorld did not do the collection of information about Tillicum the whale, as mandated to keep in compliance with federal laws. Another thing to consider is the SeaWorld employees who were interviewed had little experience or hadn’t worked there in over 20 years. You can read more about SeaWorld’s thoughts at ( SeaWorld has been hurt economically as it can be seen looking at its stock charts. The stock was at $39 until 2007 when the movie Blackfish was buzzed about causing a decrease to $27 a share. This also hurt SeaWorld admission since now people will go to other zoo’s where the exact same abuse happened 20-40 years ago. However that was only due to lack of funding and lack of technology. However, today most zoo’s get inspected often to make sure animal rights are always protected.

The amount of funding zoo’s and SeaWorld had was no were near where they are today which is an example of why they could have been treated better. Their environments were made just for them, however during the movie it did show some cages, which looked very small, but in all reality they were pretty deep. The cages now are much larger with open areas for them to live in giving them the chance to have a better life in SeaWorld than in nature itself. SeaWorld now gives money to help save animals out in the wild, which shows they have gotten more money, and things have changed overtime. This movie is just trying to show the worst sides of SeaWorld when any other zoo could have similar situation of abuse toward their zoo animals in some form. The deeper in the past with zoos you look, the worse their environments looked.

Hopefully SeaWorld will keep getting as many customers as they used to since the more money they are able to obtain, the better they can take care of the lives the animals. This will require upgrades on their tanks which will improve the overall social structure with other whales and give them more freedom to swim. If people choose to agree with this film, we may end up not having any SeaWorlds or zoos which for most kids is the only way they will ever be able to see a live whale of that caliber.


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