Gaming Addiction (Is It Real?)

Video games are something that have been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. I first started playing games when I was probably about 4 years old, and I still play some video game every day just to relax. It is something that has become a ritual of mine, just like some people must watch their TV show every day in order to feel fulfilled. I wanted to spend some time discussing the possibility of being addicted to video games.

In the past year, some countries have decided that spending a lot of time on video games is really harmful to your health. South Korea initiated a curfew to people on video games to treat this “addiction. (,8599,1983234,00.html) People seem to immerse themselves into a virtual world and forget to do things that they should be doing on a daily basis. Simple things like using the bathroom or eating a meal are easily forgotten when all someone does is play video games. In my opinion, video game addiction is a real thing and needs to be carefully examined in order to prevent serious damage to the person.

When I was in my freshman year of high school, I realized how real it was. I became addicted to playing games on my xbox and would play for close to 10 hours a day right after school. There was nothing else that mattered to me besides beating my previous records and scores. It took me two to three years to finally break this, and by the time my senior year of high school rolled around, I was able to do other thing when I finished school such as go out with friends and get a job, etc.

In my opinion, the reason people get so addicted to video games is similar to drugs. These games allow people to escape from reality and do whatever they want. It also ties into the concept of alternate identities. It allows people to pretend to be whoever they want while they are playing a game. It gives them the ability to do things they might not be able to do in their lives, and this is why people are so engrossed. Also, video games are a huge addiction for people who are highly competitive and just want to spend their time being the best. People who aren’t able to consistently be the best struggle with depression and they feel awful when they can’t win. I think gaming addiction is something very real. If people do not consistently watch what they are doing and how much time they are spending, it is really easy to lose your life in something, just like people lose their lives in gambling.



  1. I believe video game addiction is real. It may not officially recognized as a diagnosable disorder by the American Medical Association, but there are obvious signs that it is just as addicting as drugs or alcohol. It’s a craving that needs to be fulfilled.

  2. I definitely think it is possible to be addicted to video games. I feel like many guys out there are. My older brother still plays video games just about every day and I keep waiting for the days when he will stop, but I just never see that happening. The same goes with the guys I made friends with at school. Whenever I went to their room odds are they were playing video games.

  3. I play more video games than anyone I know. Currently I am addicted to a game called dota. Every game me and my friends we pick up we get super addicted too. I dont think it becomes a problem until someone starts prioritizing games over other things like school. Add me on steam if you want to play sometime. username is Leiher18.

  4. Yeah I don’t think I can fully say I am addicted to video games but I am very close. I remember earlier this summer, my roommate took his gamecube home and I was devastated. I played Super Smash Bros Melee everyday but for no more than a half hour so I cant say that I am addicted. Regardless, after he took his gamecube home I felt like there a hole in my life for a bit.

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