This is the main topic of my journal I wrote for our week off. I wanted to share this a little later to be able to talk about the experience in a more in depth way. For my journal I wrote about two things, the first being my experience without my cellphone for a day. A lot of people did this though so I wrote about living without air conditioning in my house as well. Now, I have been doing this since I moved in during the spring. My roommates prefer not to use the AC in order to save money on the electric bill, which is fine, but I had never not had the comfort of climate control in my living space before. I was a bit worried since I know the temperatures during the summer can get well into the 90’s and I didn’t want to have to worry about getting heat stroke in my own house.
Now that it has been several months I don’t know what I was so worried about. Although I have been extremely lucky this summer with the weather. With all the rain we’ve been getting the temperatures have stayed pretty tolerable, comfortable even, for the most part. On the hot days we do have, I have learned a lot of tricks to keeping cool. Not having air conditioning has created a need for a certain amount of creativity in order to do so. The first thing I learned is that having most, if not all, of my windows open to create a cross breeze through the house is a MUST. I almost always have my fan on, the only time I turn my fan off is on those glorious days when it rains. When it rains the temperatures outside drop and it can get, what feels like, cold in the house, especially at night. The only thing about the rain is that it has to rain for at least two days before it will make a significant difference. If it is really hot and it rains for only a day or less than a day, then not only will it be hot, it will get really humid in the house as well which is really miserable. When that happens I really wish I could turn on the air conditioning, but I haven’t broken down yet! On days when it is unbearably hot, and there isn’t much we can do to improve the temperature in the house, I leave and find something to do. Having to do this has made me a lot more active which makes me feel great and a lot healthier.
One good habit I have gotten into is drinking a lot of water. Since I have to deal with being hot and potentially overheating or being dehydrated on a fairly regular basis I am very aware of needing a good amount of water every day. My constant need to hydrate has had a positive effect on me, even now, as I am sitting here typing I am drinking water from my favorite Bobble water bottle. Another side effect of needing to drink my recommended daily dose of water every day is that I have largely cut back on the amount of sugary, “bad for you,” drinks, like Pepsi. I used to drink multiple 20oz bottles of Pepsi every day, now I barely drink one a week. Whenever I want a sweet drink I get apple juice or orange juice instead. I also have altered my diet to include less sugar and snacks so I don’t add the lethargic feeling to those hot days. A balanced meal will help me stay active throughout the day despite the heat. I used to think of air conditioning as a basic necessity of the place I live in, but this summer has proven me wrong. I have learned that living without something as common as air conditioning, can actually improve aspects of my life. It has inspired me to pick up good habits and drop some bad ones, things I probably would not have changed on my own without the motivation. Not to mention the money saved in electricity. I don’t even think about needing air conditioning anymore, because I don’t. Now if only I could do that with about half of the electronics I own…



  1. I never had air conditioning growing up so I was just used to the uncomfortable nature that came with it. However, now living with one, I can definitely understand the luxury it provides and why it has become so important in peoples lives.

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