Invading animal’s world

Million years ago, before humans start to evolve, we spread around the world to produce our posterity. To do that, food is indispensable, so our ancestors killed inestimable amount of other animals. It is understandable for such killing because it is necessary for living. Nowadays, humans are invading wild word not only for food, but also for entertainment and laboratory experiments. Invading animal world, in this case, it just means that we are interrupting wild lives. The evidences are zoo, experimental animal, circus, etc. we claimed to keep common or animals that are in danger, but in reality we are making money off of them, such as zoo.

In the zoo, we can see most of animals live in the small shelter with limited space to move around. Other larger animals such as elephants, polar bear, bears, and etc, they live together in a small area. The zoo provides food, shelter, cleaning, and other individuals that are in the same specie. This may seem to be nice with such a positive protection, but the negative side is that it shuts off their freedom. Their instincts of hunting and tracing in the wild land are fading away.

Out of many human activities, experimental animals have the most miserable life because they get experimented with all kinds of drugs and operations. sometime we are not sure if a new kind of drug wether or not would cure certain disease, people would test on animals such as chimpanzee, mice, and sometime insects. we would sometime see these animals in movies and the their shelter might just be a little case and might not even get exposed under the sun, bad odors and diseases are common under the condition. Although some might succeed, some just lead to a tragedy.

Another miserable example would be circus. On the surface, we see the best corporation between animals and trainer, but in the interior, these animals don’t live very well. They are scheduled to train about 15 hours, smaller animals live in small cages and larger animals live in a bigger cage, and unlike humans, these animals do not get days off. it is most difficult for elephants to perform certain performance because their body size is not designed for that. And big cats such as tiger and lion, they are afraid of fire naturally, but unfortunately, they are trained to jump through the loop with burning fire. Depending on the economic level of the circus, animals get different treatments, some died or some get better.

If we humans did not to interrupt with nature, some species of animals would not extinct, or at least they would fade away naturally due to the selection of the fittest. Some humans are hunting precious animals such as pandas, whales, elephants, tigers etc. for money, fashion products, or collecting interests, these animals now become the victims. If we humans did not invade and tear apart their families, they could still live well and wouldn’t worry about their freedom. Our invasion had now expanded to land, ocean, and even the broad sky.



  1. I think a circus is definitely unethical treatment but drug testing and zoos are not necessarily. okay for example, probably the best zoo in the world is the San Diego Zoo. Awesome zoo, if you ever visit SoCal, I definitely recommend going! One thing that I think really puts the San Diego Zoo on a pedestal far above other zoos is their safari park (linked below).

    Essentially the San Diego Zoo is two zoos. There is your classical zoo, the one that exists in most cities, then they have a pretty large nature reserve where they rotate the animals too to give them free time to roam and stuff. Zoos can definitely be done right like this.

    Drug experimentation on animals is required for our civilization to progress. There is no alternative to this. You can’t model the effect of drugs in a computer with enough accuracy yet and it would be far more unethical to use humans as guinea pigs.

  2. You made some good points in your post. I agree with you that circus and SOME zoos are unethical. However, there are some zoos that are spacious and treat the animals fairly decent, but of course the animals are still miserable. Circuses are just plain cruel. As for drug testing on animals, I feel like it is completely pointless. At one point in time it was an effective method and has played a big role, but as technology is progressing we can start to move away from this method. Animals react differently to drugs than humans do, and some drugs have been unsuited for humans but worked perfectly fine on the test subjects. Science has progressed enough to drug test on human cells by using in vitro methods.

  3. I definitely agree that zoos, circuses, and animal testing are unethical. We are making these animals live terrible lives in jail cells and make them do tricks to get their food. The sad part about this is that the food I eat every single day is probably treated way way worse than this every moment up until they die. I can complain all I want about animal cruelty in situations like circuses and zoos where I don’t really support their practices. The food industry on the other hand…I don’t mind supporting them at all. I have even watched several documentaries like Food Inc. and still eat meat after being thoroughly disgusted by the things that I saw being done to these animals.

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