My Day Without Airconditioning

               For our journaling day I gave up one very important luxury of modern life for me, the ability to control the temperature of my environment. Specifically, keeping cold, without air conditioning I don’t think I would be able to survive the summer. For me being cold is nearly as essential as food and water to me. When I get hot I can get very irritable and uncomfortable, it’s not a pleasant experience. The reason I chose to give this luxury up for a day was because I was invited this year to stake out a spot at red, white, and boom with my neighbor. So early in the morning we got up and staked out and set up tents and chairs in a spot in McPherson Commons right across the river from Veteran’s Memorial. I had a canopy to keep the sun off of me and a nice cool breeze all day. I could not have chosen a better day to give up air conditioning because not only was there cloud cover for most of the day but I don’t believe the temperature got above seventy-five all day. As I was hanging out there in the great outdoors in my hammock for hours working on this journal and starting to read Wild Ones I thought to myself this is great I don’t need to be freezing to enjoy life. Another unforeseen benefit of waiting outside for nearly fourteen hours was that I did not have access to internet or television. While this impaired my ability to do research for my project and my blogs. I was able to get many ideas for blogs which is half the battle. This is due to the fact that I did not have any distractions. Even by giving up one technology I replaced it with another, a portable canopy to provide shade, or sort of a manmade tree. I began thinking about other technologies we have created to mimic nature but with the familiarity of being inside where we are able to control our environment. One of the first things that came to mind was a bug zapper. We use them to keep what many of us myself included to be pesky little critters that we don’t want around. We also have fans and manmade shade, whether it be an awning or an ez-up, to control the amount of sun on us when we are outside. We keep our lawns manicured and trees trimmed because we don’t want to feel as if nature is growing wildly we want to think we have it under our grasp. We have developed many technologies to keep us close to nature but separate. Even sitting in a park as I was when I was working on this the “nature” around me was very tame. Overall, it was a great day to just relax outside all day and just enjoy not being letting go of some degree of control of my environment. Although on extremely hot days I do not think I am quite ready to give up air conditioning.




  1. there are many people who all ready live with there AC turned off for many reasons. personally i like to keep my AC off because it not really efficient for me to run it in my house due to poor circulation. i also like to think of it as me trying to help reduce my carbon foot print by not wasting power on a poor working non-efficient AC. living with out AC is something that took me a long time to learn how to live without it because it had been such an important part of my life and also yours as well, but once you realize that there are benefits to living without you might think twice before turning it on.

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