No iPhone

This past weekend I broke my iPhone. I was at my friend’s house and I forgot that I had my phone in my back pocket when I went to use the restroom. Needless to say my phone fell into the toilet and broke. At that moment I felt like my whole life changed. Now I did not have a phone; I could not text my friends, take pictures or go on instagram and twitter. I started to feel lost. After my initial reaction, I then thought of how this related to our class when we were supposed to not use technology for a few days. Now I had no choice but to go without my phone because I knew I was going to have to wait for my insurance company to send me a new one. It took 3 days for the insurance company to send me a new phone and I almost went crazy in that time period. I felt so disconnected from the world. I had no idea what was going on with my friends at home because I had no way to see their pictures on instagram, see their tweets, or text them. Then I felt like I was missing out on things with my friends here. My friends would be making plans for dinner and I would have no way of finding out what was going on. The worst part about not having a phone was not being able to get my team’s group messages. I almost missed a team meeting because the time got changed and I was not around any of my teammates. Luckily I showed up early and did not miss it.
I know people use their cell phones way too much these days and I am one of those people, but all the reasons why people use their cell phones are not bad. Yes it is bad when people are in groups and are constantly on social media instead of talking to each other or when people pretend to be on their phones so they can avoid someone; but cell phones are an important way to stay in contact with friends and family and they can help keep you safe. Without a cell phone it would be difficult to stay close with long distance friends and family. In addition cell phones can be used in case of emergency if someone gets hurt and needs to call 911 or if someone gets lost and needs to call for help. It is because of these reasons why I was mainly lost without my cell phone those 3 days. I can go without social media, although I prefer not to, but I cannot go without texting my friends and family and knowing what is going on with their lives. In addition, without my cell phone I do not always feel safe. Sometimes when I am walking at night by myself by my apartment complex I like to call a friend because it is not the safest neighborhood, but without my cellphone I cannot do that. I did survive 3 days without my iPhone, but I do not want to do it ever again.



  1. obviously cellphones were developed for the intention of convenient connection and utility, but they have since turned almost exclusively into entertainment devices. I am addicted to playing games on my phone. My battery rarely lasts half a day because of that. But people can also watch TV and stuff like that on their phones. I suppose the Question is: How far is too far?

  2. I feel you on the whole not having your phone for a few days. I have been on vacation for three days and we didnt have power for two and a half of them and i had no way to charge my phone. I felt so naked without it.

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