One Last Game….

I hate final projects. Absolutely abhor them. Presentations don’t bother me. For those of you who didn’t sleep in class, you heard me talk every day on one topic or another and argue with people for the sake of playing devil’s advocate. I am just a troll like that and like to speak publicly. But the process of doing the research and organizing the subsequent information into a finely designed, presentable fashion is a pain in the ass for me. I have quite severe ADH… SQUIRREL. Man I need a beer. I wonder if I could pay someone to do this all for me?.. oh sorry. ADHD. Luckily I have medication for it. My house has stuff everywhere that needs cleaned up, an xbox, PS2, N64, and cable tv. For a guy with ADHD I have a tough time making myself sit down and do the homework I need to do. I can’t work in my room, there’s no space and I have TV there too. Luckily my cable box in my living room is on the fritz, and my girlfriend hates that I play so many video games. She left town this morning. I planned on working last Friday night, but my friends and I decided to go bowling, and though I said I wouldn’t, I drank. Profusely. So I slept until 1, got up and lifted, and then couldn’t motivate myself to do anything but pwn noobs on Call of Duty MW3 and eat pizza. Before my girlfriend left, I sent her with all the controllers to the game systems and the power cord to my TV in my room, had her change my facebook password for the week, and I uninstalled most fun apps from my phone. Forcing myself to do my work. I took my medication, finished my final project and presentation in just over 2 hours in a quite comprehensive fashion, and am now moving on to the blogs and comments portion of the class. Fortunately, my medication also keeps me from getting hungry. I will literally eat like once a day when I have taken my Vyvanse. So that eliminates that distraction as well. I think most of my hesitance in starting my final project was that I didn’t feel like my original idea was going to be good enough, or would have too much to cover to be comprehensive. I am an ‘avoider’ type of procrastinator. It means that I avoid the fear of failure or success (mostly failure), as one of our classmates posted earlier.

So. That being said, I found what I was going to do my project on, and it has been sitting on my desk for years. In high school I took a test called StrengthsFinder 2.0 and it gave me a list of my top 5 strengths, out of the provided 34 qualities, which allowed me to better understand myself, in addition to how I learn and work with others. My final project is going to cover the genesis, evolution, and benefits of personality tests throughout history, and I encourage all of you to stop by my table tomorrow and listen to my ramblings. I learned an incredible amount about myself from taking this test, and I hope it can help you all. It only costs a few dollars, and I have found it to be a FANTASTIC resume building tool. I am currently contemplating taking the test again just to see how my results stack up now, versus 6 years ago.


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