My Day Off

The idea of a retreat day was something had been lingering in the back of my mind for sometime. The notion of putting away all of your technology for one whole day was something that seems foreign to me. I had no idea how I would function without my phone, computer, car, and AC. Everything throughout my day was connected though technology. Form the simplest tasks such as taking a shower to the more complicated task of researching information for school were all done though the use of technology. Many people could absolutely say that I was dependent on technology to function and some may even go as far as to say that I was an addict to the technology in my life.

            My retreat day started out weird. I got up out of bed at approximately 11:30pm, which is really late for me. I immediately realized that without my alarm clock I had wasted a lot of my day sleeping and doing nothing. As I went on with my day I took an extremely uncomfortable cold shower. By turning of my hot water heater I realized that taking a shower in extremely cold water SUCKS! My body went numb and I felt sick immediately after my shower. My day continued with attempts of creating addible food without the use of technology. I realized how difficult it was to prepare and cook food to eat. With multiple failed attempts, I had to eventually quit trying and I settled with an assortment of raw fruit and vegetable as my breakfast. The challenge of surviving the day truly began after my breakfast. As the day become hotter the heat inside my apartment also began to rise and become uncomfortable. The heat began to affect my movement and behavior as it continuously rose throughout the day. I began to become sluggish and angry. Soon after words I realized how much the weather dictated my actions, which was really eye opening. With more then half a day left to my retreat day I thought it would be fun to go outside and explore. As I walked down High street I began realize how dependent our community is on technology. Examples of this include traffic lights, cars, street lights bikes and many more. After hours of walking around I eventfully made it home and went straight to sleep.

            When looking back at my retreat day, I realized that there are many concerning thing about myself but also about society as a whole when it comes to our dependence to technology. I realized that even though technology has done wonders to our living conditions, for instance helping use cook, travel, communicate, and even learn, it as also crippled us in many other ways. It has made learning basic survival skills obsolete. Overall this experience was wonderful. I learned a lot about myself and the society that I live in. I also have taken it upon myself to learn some basic survival skill such as making a fire or learning how prepare food without technology.

 this article can help you learn some basic survival skills.


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