A Day at the Lake

A day at the lake turned into an unplanned day without technology.  After my week of complete failure telling myself I was not going to use technology, there was a day where I did not use technology for the majority of the day without planning it. It was Saturday morning and my three friends and I were going to the lake. We woke up at about noon and we were all bored out of our minds. Everyone was doing their normal thing, on their computers checking Facebook and twitter and one of our friends texted us asking if we wanted to go to the lake with him and a few of his friends. We went to Arby’s to get food and decide what we were doing. We got our food to go and one of my friends just walked out and left his food there and didn’t realize this till we got to the lake. We went to Walmart bought a cooler, Kool Aid Jammers, and some Bud Light. The lake was a 15 minute drive from Walmart. When we got to the lake we saw about a two story cliff that it looked like you could jump off of ‘safely’. We swam into the water over there to make sure it was deep enough to jump off of. We assumed it was, because the area by the top of the cliff was littered in empty beer cans and other kinds of trash. We brought over the cooler, a noodle and inner tube, and a stereo. One of my friends who was with us brought his 3000 dollar camera with him, which we were relying on a ten dollar inner tube to keep the camera floating above water.   We plugged in a phone on the stereo to a Blink 182 Pandora station. We swam our friend out on the inner tube with his camera to take pictures of us while we were jumping off the cliff. The main goal of the camera being out there was a Pac Sun Instagram competition. The competition was for a “Taste of Summer” picture. My friend actually ended up winning the competition and the prize was a 4 day all expenses paid trip to Palm Springs California with him and three friends. The trip is the 14-18th of August so it is going to be a great trip right before school starts back up. Jumping off of the cliff took me about 5 minutes of dancing back and forth to decide to jump off of. When jumping off the cliff you could actually feel yourself falling, not just like jumping off of a diving board. As the day went on other people started to show up to the spot that we were at. We meet all different kinds of people throughout the day. We ended up staying at the lake till 9 at night when cops showed up and kicked us out. All phones minus the one on the stereo were not used for the duration of the day.


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  1. this day at the lake sounds awesome. i would love to spend some Quality time out in nature hanging out with friends and drinking some beer. There honestly is no need for any sort of technology when you’re out in nature. Technology is only reliable when there is a certain need for it other then that i try to avoid using my technologies excessively for any means other than the ones that are directly affecting. This is especially go for when I’m out in nature. I try to avoid all of my technology because it takes away from my experience.

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