A day without technology.. Not really.

A day without technology; how about 30 minutes. It was Tuesday morning at about 3 am the week we did not have class and I was sitting there playing video games and tell myself I am not going to use my phone or computer the rest of the day. I proceeded to wake up at around noon and tell myself okay ill start the “whole day without technology thing” in a bit and instantly checked my phone when i woke up. All day I would tell myself that I was going to start in 20 minutes and I just kept pushing it back and it eventually got to the point where I would put it off till the next day. At one pointing the night I realized I went all day using technology when I told myself numerous times that i was not going to. The next few days the same thing would happen. Me and my friends would wake up at around 2 in the afternoon and everything we would do the rest of the day using technology every waking second, even when were all eating at taco bell everyone is one their phone. I realized this one night at a bar me and my friends were all at. The bar we were all at is called Setters. Setters is a bar that has 6 sand volleyball courts at it. We got a round of drinks and went out to the courts. We played one game to 21 and the 5 people I was with instantly went over to check their phones. That was when I was “whoa”. It was kind of my realization of how addicted to cell phones a lot of people, including myself are. I just found it odd how were at a bar and after playing a sport, our first instinct was to go for our cell phones over another drink or even getting water.   I noticed this again the next day. In between playing video games we occasionally play frisbee in the yard next to his house. In between throws people would pull out their phones between throws and it kind of blew my mind we could not go about 35 seconds just standing there without looking at our phones.


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