After watching the documentary “Blackfish”, the documentary leaves people with a negative connotation towards Sea World. Since the negative connotation that the documentary gives off it would make a lot of people feel the same way about zoos. I feel like this documentary can be looked at the same way as a lot of people looked at the documentary “Bowling for Columbine”. Bowling for Columbine was a documentary about the columbine school shootings in Colorado. The documentary goes to stores to show how easy it was to acquire guns and would show up at company headquarters with the media demanding questions as to what the reasons where for guns being sold. Also the documentary shows four people from Michigan and all of their guns and makes them appear not normal or crazy. The documentary as a whole leaves you with a strong anti gun feeling. It tries to blame the shooting at this school on loose gun control laws. The Bowling for Columbine documentary has been debated for awhile and a lot of people claim that it is unfair or extremely biased. The Blackfish documentary can also be viewed as unfair or biased. A lot of the beginning of the movie shows how cruel and mean Sea World was to the orca whales at the beginning of the film. The original capture of the whales happened a long time ago. Back then society could have viewed this as acceptable, the same way that society viewed a lot of now immoral things. It is hard to blame sea world for things that happened a long time ago. It is like still being mad at the German government for World War Two. Since the opening of Sea World, zoos and Sea World treat their animals’ way better than they did in the past. For a lot of animals one of the safest places for them is a zoo. A lot of endangered species are being poached for their furs skins and they are safe from them in a zoo. In my opinion “Blackfish” is biased piece of propaganda to give people an anti Sea World and anti zoo mentality and does not show the entire story of the place.  


I am a personal fan of zoos. I love going to them, I have gone to different zoos all over the country, including Sea World. When I went to Sea World, I think I was about 10 years old. The only thing I remember from going is Shamoo and the show that they put on. My favorite zoo that I have been to is the Washington D.C. zoo. My reason for that is because they have pandas. I remember when I was living there and it was a big deal that they were going to be getting pandas at the zoo. Without zoos people would not get to see animals that are not native to their countries without spending a lot of money. I would like to think that the animals are treated well in zoos and are not to unhappy.



  1. There is a major difference between sea world and Zoos. Although see what promotes animals they do not treat animals the same way that seems. Zoos not only rehabilitate animals, they also take care of the animals in very pristine condition. Another major difference between Zoos and sea world is that once an animal is taken care of and has full rehabilitated it will be released back into nature where as sea world does not do the same thing. i personally love the zoo. i am a firm believer that zoos are a great place for animals. i also feel I’m blessed that I live near the best zoo in the country.

  2. There are a lot of flaws in your argument. First of all, the two documentaries you have are so far apart from one another it has no validity. Black Fish, while one sided does not have much going for it. It takes animals from the wild and makes them do tricks for the entertainment of humans. These animals are mistreated and kept in small areas. While it is all fine and dandy that you liked going to zoos when you were a kid and it brings up fond memories, you are failing to recognize the problems that zoos present. Im all for rehabilitation of animals but they are using this as an excuse to hold all other animals.Why don’t we have other animals like cows and pigs in the zoo? This is because we eat them and we dont want to face the realities that we could easily be eating any of these other animals. Cows and Pigs are just not “cute”.

  3. You have to be careful when you watch any documentary especially when it surrounds a touchy subject. Obviously all documentaries are going to have some sort of bias but some have more than others. For instance, Michael Moore’s Sicko shows the flaws of America’s healthcare system but it has been openly criticized for manipulating interviews and twisting certain facts. It still reveals a lot of good information about how messed up the healthcare system but there is a bit of bias.

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