Corporations Suck! Here Why?

OH MY GOD! I hate corporations so much. Now, I know how powerful this statement may seem, but rest a assured, there is a ton of evidence that I have stumbled upon, which has shown me the light. This evidence has consciouslyhelped formulate this exact emotional response towards corporations. Now many of you reading this maybe wondering, what’s there to hate about corporations? After all, they employ millions of people all over the world. They also make tons of products we enjoys everyday, like cell phones, clothing, and even the gas we put in our cars. Well your not wrong about how nice the final result is, but until you see how a corporation makes there product, treats there workers and effects the communities they operate around. You well soon come to realization that these companies are actually heartless monsters.

Lets take a closer look at some of the more popular corporations today. One particular corporation that’s both popular and one that I personally loved and now hate is Apple. I own a MacBook Pro, Apple IPod and an IPhone 4s. When I first bought all of my Apple products, I was nothing but exited. During my high school years, I become an Apple fan boy, bragging to all my friends, how awesome apple and their products are. This all changed after I started doing some personal research on Apples abroad business practices. Apple is notorious for cutting corners in both human rights and work safety, including the working environment, condition and overall treatment of works. Apple manufacturing companies are strictly located overseas because workers over seas get paid pennies on the dollar of a normal American worker. According to Business day, a maginze publication that works along side with the wall street journal, was quoted in saying that “workers for apple overseas get paid approximately 1.50 per hour. This is absolutely disturbing to see. After doing some simple math, the average person at an apple manufacturing plant gets paid 268 dollar every month. I can’t even comprehend how a person can even live on 268 dollars a month.

If what apple does is hard to stomach then let me present the next evil corporations, which is chevron. In my opinion Chevron takes the cake on Worst Corporation in the world. This petrochemical company is known for some of the most horrific stuff imaginable. On the list of the worst things chevron has done, “Rainforest Chernobyl” in Ecuador has to be at the top of the list. With a name like “Rainforest Chernobyl”, you must be thinking the worse of stuff. Well your absolutely correct! This incident is infamous because chevron left over 600 unlined oil pits in pristine northern Amazon rainforest and then it dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic production water into the local rivers, which are also used by the local tribes for bathing. Since this incident the locals from this region have faced tones of health issues. This includes high rates of lupus, skin rashes, rheumatic fever, liver problems, kidney problems, tumors, cancer, asthma, and eye problems. All of this information is taken directly from multiple new organizations all over the world. this incident show how Chevron doesn’t care about anything but the money they make on the oil itself. They ruined tons of wild life as well as endangered million of people with their careless actions.

            Even though we enjoy all of the cool gadgets and other products we get from corporations like apple and chevron we all need to expose them for there crimes. There need to be an effort to stop cruel and dangerous business practices, that these large corporations are know for doing. If this pattern of avoidance towards corporations last any longer then we are risking the lives millions. People need to open their eyes and began a constructive dialog in efforts to resolving this growing issue.



  1. I agree with your arguments about why coorporations suck. I do, however, believe that we need them for a the global economy and standard of living we have set forth. Companies should not be able to claim that they are American, when the bulk of their production and manufacturing is done overseas. Another reasons coorporations suck in American is the how the tax system works. For a coorporation, paying little to no taxes is highly common; this is, of course, opposite of a small business owner, who pays out the “ying-yang”. The reason the large coorporations are able to do this, is that they claim their income in a country that has little to no taxes, in order to avoid paying them here. The problem with this is, the money that they have acquired in the United States soley goes into the pockets of the wealthy and leaders of said coorporations. This is loophole that could easily be closed; but, politicians would have to get around the coorporate lobbyists- which is another story entirely.

    • you do make a wonderful point about Ying-yang effect of corporations, but i have to disagree with you about your statement regarding standard of living. these multimillion (sometimes billion) dollar corporations are why standard of living in is so low. place where this corporations work out of have some of the harshest working conditions and some of the highest suicide rates. take apple for instance, they had to put of netting out side of there building because so so many suicide. here check out this link and let me know what you. think

  2. I disagree with you on your total hatred of corporations. I agree that many of them are there simply to make money, but they is not always a bad thing. There needs to be a relationship where the company wants to make as much money as it can all while understanding their needs to be a relationship to its customers. This relationship of both making money while giving some back is important. I understand the loophole nonsense which is something we as a culture need to tackle. We must sign petitions and call on our congressmen to change it. We can’t just sit around and complain about it.

    • i have to completely disagree with you (connorbellis). Why would i ever what to be a customer of a company that violates human rights laws on a daily basis? its because there products are awesome and cheep, and the only why they can do this is by violating human rights. the flaw I see in your argument is that you are arguing for a two person relationship when it is actually a 3 person relationship. Of course corporations are going to look out for there customers, which make them happy but they neglect there own workers. so what about them? do they not count? and also there is no way our government can do anything, and the reason behind that is that our government is basically run by these some corporations. for example, last year Exon mobile payed over 6 million in lobbying.

  3. I think there are corporations that are reasonable to hate and others that aren’t. Not all companies’ business practices are the same. Unfortunately I don’t think that many of these bad business practices are going anywhere. I’m not an economist, so I’m not going to start spouting off stuff I don’t have a clue about, but I believe that most of these problems just go along with a global capitalist economy. I feel like someone will always be getting screwed.

  4. Yeah big corporations usually aren’t great, especially oil companies. When you hear about these tragedies it almost always affects the little guy or the environment, basically people/things that cannot fend for themselves against huge corporations. The only spills/tragedies that get covered or are talked about are the ones that in some way affect a large population of people. For example, the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada leak chemicals into the Athabasca River which the Aboriginal people in the area use. Even though they have a population of 800 people they have a 10 times higher cancer rate than anywhere else in Canada. Even to this day, nothing has been done about it..

  5. Most cooperations are generally bad but I feel like there are a few exceptions. One really good example is tesla. They recently released all of their patents to the public to help improve other cars with efficiency.

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