Humans Impact On Nature

The climate is change! This statement for many years was debated in the scientific community. Many people just stated the oblivious facts about how the Earth continuous weather patterns. By this I mean that the earth has a continuously gets hotter and colder every year. This is no longer the case; there is a significant amount of scientific evidence, which suggest that the Earth’s climate is being manipulated by human activity. These activities can be associated with increased carbon emissions as well as human waste and debris. Another rising concern for humans is the condition of our environment. As we continue to deforests the world and deplete the Earths natural resources, we began to see signs of an unbalance ecosystem.

            Human have been impacting the environment for centuries. There are signs of human remains all over the world. For centuries humans have been tarrying the earth a part, and building large monuments for there own achievements. The industrial revolution was key moment in the relationship between humans and the environment. It changed the way people lived and the why people viewed the earth. During this era there was mass expansion on cities in all parts of the world where the industrial revolution was occurring. Heavy use of raw material, including coal, petroleum, iron, steel and wood where used to build almost everything. As cities begin to grow the people within the cities began to change and adopt this different life style. If we venture further into the future we began to see a more rampant increase in the usage of raw materials. At this point in history, approximately mid 1800s, there is no concern about the environment by anybody. We had not realized the sort of irreversible damage that was occurring to the Earth.

            As we moved into the 20th century, we yet again began to exponentially use our limited resources for growth proposes. Many great inventions had started to arise during this era. The invention of the automobile was also during this era, changing the way people traveled. As we continued to go though the 20th century we began to mass-produce goods. This meant taking larger amounts of raw resources and transforming them in the cheapest way possible into goods. Large amounts of carbon emissions started to also impact the environment at this time. Large cities became packed with coal ash and smog. As we continue to move along the 20th century, humans began to get greedier. Their lifestyle had completely changed. The need for people to build bigger and batter things become a lot more extreme.

            As the cities and towns get bigger so do the population of people in those towns. The human population in the last 100 years has almost doubled in size. This has caused for an extreme need and demand for natural recourses to help support this growing global population. The need for energy has also grown. More people then ever before have access to energy. With all of these changing variable occurring in such a short period of time in history, the environment has subsequently taken quite a blow. Their need to be a way to help reverse some of this damage and start to take control our thirst for these resources .


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