My Project – Technology in a Post Apocalyptic World

For my final project I will be talking about technology in a post apocalyptic society and how it will still probably play a dominate role in our lives. One may ask what happened to the world but that is irrelevant. The world could have been taken over by a zombie apocalypse with human refugees scattered all over the world. It could have been a post apocalyptic world created by a nuclear war, maybe the earth was taken over by an advanced alien species and left everything in ruins, or a robot that was created and ended up attempting to enslave the human race. In these post apocalyptic societies would technology still affect our lives? In these post apocalyptic worlds, would technology still be as important in our lives as it is today? Would old, out dated technology become more relevant and important than some of the newer technologies we have today? Would technology even be relevant or would the world get set back o the 20th century or even the 19th. Could technology be our doom or could it be our savior and help us hold off an incoming invasion. How would society as we know it change in a disastrous event and will other things become more important in one’s life than one’s cell phone or what is happening on Twitter. Would society even change so much that things like race and morals do not exist.


In my paper I will be talking about how technology could possibly affect people. I will be looking at different types of books, movies, television shows and video games. Different technology will be more important than others depending on the scenario of the disaster. Zombies for example differ greatly across all types of literature and video games. In the movie “World War Z”, the zombies are extremely quick and can even over run fortified areas. On the other hand, in the show “The Walking Dead”, zombies are not very strong and can be restrained easily. Different technologies would be better in each scenario. Items like weapons and equipment to provide electricity would be very important; an item like a generator to power essential equipment, like a medical facility or something.   In the event of a crisis like an alien invasion I don’t even think technology would be able to save us.


Another thing we talked about in class was ethics. Would morals and ethics still exist in a post apocalyptic society? Personally I feel like it would be very situational but I think that morals would go straight out the window. People would only care about themselves, their family and their friends. If the world was taken over by aliens or if a zombie infestation arose, one thing that the world would deal with better would be race. I feel like the world we be united from all races into one race of human or nonhuman. People would not see people based on the color of their skin but on the fact that they are still living.


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  1. I’ve always imagine a post-apocalyptic world without technology. This is because I imagine our world now being bogged down by technology that we have already. If there ever is a scenario where we are enslaved by another creature or if we are in danger of being instinct and then our priorities would change and our connections to technologies would also change with it. Also technology relies on the infrastructure. If there ever is a scenario where there is infrastructure damage done to the world then technologies therefore becomes irrelevant because there’s nothing to run it on.

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