Procrastination at its finest.  Procrastination? We talkin’ about Procrastination? I see people posting last second blogs and their blogs about procrastinating and I am sitting here like how Alan Iverson views practice. If you do not understand the reference go to Youtube and look up “Alan Iverson Practice”.   It’s a video of one of his interviews after he was accused of his performance in some practices where he is like it is irrelevant. I have procrastinating down to a science. It is Monday morning and I am sitting here at the beach in my chair writing this blog as we speak. I left for Myrtle Beach on Friday with zero of my blog posts done and I am now regretting this. My beach house does not even have internet so I am going to have to go to a McDonalds or something to turn all my blogs and my final paper in. Not only do I have this class to do homework for, my other class has our other final online on the 6th. I feel like I have come to Myrtle Beach to do homework and take a final. I really wish I did not procrastinate. I had all summer to get these done and I told myself on the last eight days before leaving that I would write all of these and I wrote none of them. All my friends are out in the ocean swimming and I am up here sitting on the deck writing this. This would be my 6th blog post and I have already used up all of my ideas that I knew I would easily be able to write blog posts about. All I can think about is finishing up this blog post and going and running down the staircase onto the beach to go run into the ocean. Honestly I just hope that I get power back so I can turn these blog posts in and do all of my comments.

For everyone who is like that’s not so bad at least you are at the beach. I have yet to see the sun. It has been thunder storming the entire time and our house has lost power and internet, as I sit here writing blogs on my old laptop as the battery on it dies. It is no longer thunder storming but it is still raining and super windy, yet it still feels nicer our compared what I am use too in Ohio. The drive down here was pretty awful. I am really hoping it does not rain every single day that I am here like it has. I hope everyone’s presentations went well.

Too anyone reading this, hope you enjoyed your summer so far. This class was way better than the other ones that I had this summer and a lot of the other ones that I have taken. Hopefully August is awesome for you, comeback to school at the end of the month ready to go hard and watch some buckeye football.



  1. This has by far been one of the best blog posts I think I’ve read. So honest and blunt, I appreciate that. That and it was pretty funny. Anyway, I think we all know how you feel about procrastinating. Being at the beach probably doesn’t help out much either.
    Hope the vacation goes well.

  2. This post is amazing. I think you have summed up the feelings of a lot of people. I hope that you don’t procrastinate too much and get the rest of your blog posts done. I posted the link to Allen Iverson speech below. I laugh every time I watch that video.

  3. Man i know exactly how you feel. every time i have to do a paper i know that i am going to hold off till 10pm to get started and then after a paragraph in my going to convince myself that i deserve a break. this is honestly a disease that I contract every time there’s anything do. i need help and i am to lazy to get it. man i wish i had read all your post to know what else to talk about but procrastination strikes again.

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