The Narrows

Up until last year, running used to be one of the biggest parts of my life. It was one of my biggest priorities for the last 4-5 years. That all changed when I quit the track team here at Ohio State. After quitting I told myself I was going to take a 2-3 week break from running and then start casually running on my own. That two to three week break ended up being like 1.5 years, and i finally started running again at the beginning of the summer. When i was in high school and when I am home from college my favorite place to go run is the Narrows Nature Reserve in my hometown, or just The Narrows as everyone called it. The main trail is about 1.25 miles long and at the end of the main trail their is 2 other trials that you can take that are loops that are about a mile each. Running there five to seven times a week for a couple years, I got to know the place extremely well. Over those two to three years I never really noticed any change unless it was big, like a tree falling down. When I went home three weeks ago I went running there for the first time in about a year and half. When I arrived the parking area, It still all looked pretty similar. I had a lot of good memories at this natures reserve. When I was running two things that happened. I noticed how a lot of the place has changed and the I recalled a lot of good memories with friends and my old team when we were running threw the reserve. One of my favorite things about the Narrows is that their is a rope swing about .5 miles down the trial. After our runs and cooldown we would go and hang out at after our runs.   All of trees still looked the same, at least most of them but the biggest difference was on the ground. Alot of the shrubs and plant life on the ground looked foreign to me. I dont know if it was the same as I remembered from two years ago or if it was different.

This relates to our nature walk threw the south oval. Even though we talked about the changed over about like 10-200 years, nature can change over just short periods of time. I was at this place running for three years of my life and the place looked completely different. It makes me wonder what the world will look like in 20-30 years. I dont think that much will change in a nature reserve, but in society. All of the technological advances of the past 20 years are probably going to be put to shame by the next 20 years, maybe in the past 100 years will be put to shame by the next 20. With how dependent on technology we are today will it get even worse in the future.



  1. Very similar thing occurred to me just recently. In high school i was a very active tennis player. playing tennis was one of my main priorities. i used to play tennis about 3 to 4 times a week. Once I entered college i completely stop playing. I haven’t played tennis for about a year and a half to two years when I finally picked up my racket again. I realize how fun this game was. it inspired me a lot and it also sparked tons of memories of me playing tennis during high school. it really connected me back to the days where I used to spend hours playing tennis with a bunch of my friends. i love moments like this where you are reminded how fun things still can be even though you maybe a little older.

  2. I related a lot to this post being a runner. I ran Cross Country and Track in High School so i was constantly exploring new places to run around my neighborhood. Running at home recently, I couldn’t believe how many formerly wooded areas turned into housing or other concrete structures.

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